High RPM's on Briggs and Stratton

jla74June 15, 2009

So I just aquired a push mower with a 7 hp b and S on it. I started it up and full throttle it went. I checked the throttle linkage and got no response until physically moving the throttle on the carb. I assume I have a problem with the governor so I took the engine apart and everything looked good. What I don't know is if there are any type of springs on the governor or is it just the weights that fly out with increased speed? I dont have any springs attached but didn't see any in the crank case either. Any help or pictures of a known good governor would be helpful. Thanks


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There is at least one spring used, but I'm not sure of your engine's arrangement. The spring would probably hook to a linkage at the carb and hook on a tab towards the front of the engine.

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This picture is a typical 6HP governor spring appearance. On the right side of the picture where the spring is attached is a tab which you can bend to vary the engine rpm. If it's within specs, don't bend it.

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Halfway through mowing my meadow my riding tractor took off as if it had been whipped and spurred. The engine was revving faster than it ever has during normal mowing. The throttle control had no control. I managed to ride the racing mower back to the garage, passing my stunned neighbor like I was driving an out of control go-cart. (I literally took air when my racing machine jumped from the ditch to the driveway.) How do I get the motor to run normal again? Thanks.

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IF the mower sat over the Winter, it's possible the carb butterfly has gummed up in the wide open position.

Remember, if the engine isn't running, the governor tries to open the butterfly. IF the throttle lever was left in the high speed position.....

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