Craftsman 31cc 17in Weedwacker MDL# 316-798221

stonkeyJune 1, 2006

I'm trying to replace the string in my weedwacker, but I can't seem to figure out how to dis-assemble the canister with the string in it. it is a plastic canister with a bump feed. I got it used with no manual, and Sears has not been helpful. Any help would be appreciated.

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Usually you unscrew the bump knob and remove the spool.

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That does not seem to work with this one. That was the first thing I tried, and the knob did not seem to un-screw.

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On mine, you just pull it straight off, there is a metal clip that holds the bump part in.

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Push the button in, then pull it off. You may have some little lines to line up. In that case, line them up, push in, and pull out. You then remove the spool and either rewind it with your own string or insert a prewound spool. You may need to spary the spring inside with a little WD400-makes the wacker work better, and makes it easier to get the spool off next time you need to.

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I have tried to take apart the spool as well and have not had any luck either. I am about to go out and purchase another weedwacker extension...but would rather just find out how to replace the string on this one!! Anyone have a diagram of it??


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