Lawn in need of help.

joeyi89June 20, 2014

My grass in my front yard and back yard is drying up and flaking away. The back yard is worst as it is pretty much now just dirt with hardly any grass and my front yard is semi decent but is getting to the conditions of my back yard.

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No location, no turf type, no specifics.

So: Yep, I agree, your lawn needs help,

Good luck.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I'm sure we can help but we need more information. Normally you would get the drift of how this goes had you read some of the other posts before posting yours.

Where do you live?
What kind of grass do you have?
Is there much shade on the lawn?
What is your watering regimen (how often and how long)?
How high/low do you mow?
When were the last two times you applied fertilizer and what did you use?
Have you used any herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides in the past 6 months? If so, what and when?

If you turn your phone sideways to the "landscape mode" when you take the picture, your pictures should appear upright here in the forum.

Can you take another picture from a distance of 3 inches from the grass. Take it at the edge of where the grass is both green and brown. If the camera won't focus at that distance, back out the minimum needed to get focus. Also take the picture on a cloudy day or in the shade. Sometimes the signs we need to diagnose are pretty small.

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