Bermuda Tifway 419 Struggling Please Help

grace2liveJune 1, 2014

I put down Tifway 419 sod last August. The surface is a bit uneven. I put down topsoil over clay before installing. It seems to be growing uneven and the shades of green are not consistent. Also I have a Husqvarna lawn tractor and the tire marks seem to have stunted the growth where the tires lines are. I switch up the pattern but still seem to see the lines from a mowing a few weeks ago on a hot dry day. So far only one fertilizer application back on may 2 of 18-0-7 stonewall. I am due for another app of 28-0-0. Plenty of rain here lately. Frustrated at how uneven the grass is growing and not sure how to fix the inconsistency in both the color and the growth pattern especially in areas where the tractor ran it over. See pic attached. Funny the small patches look great where the dog peed on it. If I could just get her to pee on it evenly. Do you think fertilizer will do the trick? Also I thought about maintaining a 2" height which will be 1" in the high spots. Not trying to win any awards just want to allow it to thrive and try to establish some consistency.

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wrager(Z5 OH)

I think it has been a slow spring to warm. Once you get over night temps in the high 60's/70's, it will take off. You should get a soil test if you didn't before. Maybe it's lacking one of the important elements or the pH is off.

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