where to find older Lawnboy Mower Paint??

bmg94June 23, 2008


I'm Restoring my older 80's lawn boy push mower and would like to know if there is anyone in here that knows where I can purchase some lawn boy paint that will match the older lawn boy color?? (I prefer it in spray can)But will take whatever.

Thank you for any and all help, It's appreciated,


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Hi bmg94, Grabber Green is the paint of choice for most Lawn-Boys. There are other colors depending on the original paint color of your mower. This link might help...

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indy452(NC Kansas)

I second that. Although most walmarts sell grabber green in the automotive area where they have paint.

Krylon makes one that looks close also, Hot Rod green engine enamel.


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Its Dupli-Color Ceramic Engine Paint - Grabber Green. This is for the 'chartreuse' or 'bright lime green' color, the same color as the current LBs. In the linked picture of my 'herd' as it existed last year, the 10201 on the right has a shroud which was painted with Grabber Green - the deck is original. You can see its about as close as you could expect. Now the 10201 and 10550 are long gone!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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