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rmtxJune 3, 2012

I have a Trim-Rite Edger, model 643. The Trim-Rite company is no longer in business, they were based in Weatherford, TX. This edger was built ~1992 and has served me well. I'm looking for some replacement parts to give it a second (or maybe third) life.

Is anyone aware of a parts source? The only link I have found goes to Swisher, who build a model called Trim Rite, but its a totally different edger.


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Look in an OEP (Oregon), Stens etc. aftermarket catalog for things like bearings, blades and some shaft kits. Maybe it is similar to a K&S. You really didn't say what you were looking for.

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I've come across five or six old Trim-Rites in the last few years. Were never on my radar screen before this.

You can download the Illustrated Parts List for the 543 from Swisher. Although it is a different design than yours, I believe cutter head (bushings, shaft, etc.) are the same, and the front wheel arm and axle are also interchangeable.

My experience has been that the bushings in the cutter head are a repair item. This is the only edger I've seen that uses bushings instead of ball bearings. While the bushings wear quickly, at least the shaft wears more slowly and can be reused. Although I mention Swisher, I was able to get replacements at my local Lowes for about $4.00 a pair. Look in hardware, in the specialty drawers.

The front wheel, which controls height also gets sloppy. Although the 543 parts appear to be a good fit, I haven't tried it first hand, so buyer beware. One of my edgers had so much slop (1-1/2 inch travel) that I simply sold it as a parts machine on Craigslist, rather than invest in the parts.

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I just bought a Trim Rite edger at a garage sale ($5) that needed a shaft (previous owner had used a 5/8" threaded rod for a shaft). Heres the parts it took me to get it in A-1 shape:

(2) 5/8" ID 3/4" OD x 3/4" long bronze flanged bushings. These were about $3 each, readily available at Fastenal or Tractor Supply or even a big hardware store. The ones I got were oil impregnated and self lubricate the shaft.

(1) 5/8" x 3/14" shoulder bolt (also called a stripper bolt) for about $5. I got mine at local Fastenal to avoid shipping fees. (NOTE: These bolts have a hardened, ground finish that fit perfectly into the 5/8" ID bushings. The thread on this shoulder bolt is 1/2"-13 and is 3/4" long.

(1) 1/8" bronze thrust washer ($1.90)
(1) 1/16" bronze thrust washer ($1.60)
(2) 1/2" 13 jam nuts & (1) 1/2" lock washer. About .25 cents

(1) 2"x9" generic edger blade with 1/2" hole Ace hardware ($7)

After I got the remenents of the old bushings out I took it to a local machine shop who ran a 3/4" reamer thru the bushing hole to clean it up and he even pressed in my two bushings for $5.

The pulley that was on the old shaft was about 1-1/4" wide and had two set screws. I had to grind two flats on the shoulder bolt for these set screws.

So... starting at the wheel side I first have the head of the shoulder bolt, then the pulley, then the 1/8" bronze thrust washer... this assembly slides in the two 5/8" ID bushings smooth as glass. On the blade side I needed a 1/16" thrust washer to cover the slight bit of shiny shoulder bolt sticking out. You may need more than 1/16" thick. The point is you want the shaft to turn freely after you put a jam nut on the threaded end and tighten it. Then slide on the blade with 1/2" hole. Then a 1/2" lock washer and the second jam nut.

Note: the shoulder bolt threaded end is only 3/4" long so I had to grind down the inside jam nut to allow enough thread for the blade, lock washer, and second jam nut.

Photo is of the 5/8"x3-1/4" shoulder bolt with pulley and 1/8" thrust washer - this assembly is ready to slide into bushings.
Good luck! If this is too confusing I can add additional photos...

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