Tru-Cut C-25 Honda GX160 Question

Susan_TCJune 5, 2011


I got this mower a couple weeks ago. The original owner purchased it new 3yrs ago, used it a few times (like 8), then it sat in the garage until I bought it. So it sat for 3 yrs, is the point.

I took out the plug and cleaned it and my neighbor (wanting to be helpful) took off the air filter (which looked new and unused), and intermittently sprayed carb cleaner into the carb while the engine was running until it ran real smooth. We also removed the gas tank, dumped out the little fuel that was in it, and put in fresh gas with min octane 87. (I will be changing the oil this week too.)

So it starts right up (always did even before we did all this) and it runs real smooth and steady, BUT only if I leave the engine choke on a little. If I back the choke all the way off, it idles too slow and won't propel forward properly with the thumb drive rod. If I try setting the handlebar throttle higher (toward the word "CHOKE") it runs rough and idles no faster. The way it runs best is to leave the throttle halfway between STOP and CHOKE and keep the choke on the engine on a little. Like 1/5 of the way.

From what I understand I should be able to turn the choke off, once warm, and the handlebar throttle should increase the engine idle/speed of the drive, by pushing it down towards the word "CHOKE". Any suggestions? Or is it bad to use it the way I am? Thanks for your help, gentlemen!

(My original post and the help I got:

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It seems that it's close to what it should be. Possibly an ounce of fuel system cleaner in the next tank of fuel it will clean the carb for you so you don't have too. Seafoam is a good product.

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Thanks for that... will try the Seafoam product. Do you imagine the linkage could be stuck or hanging up or something between the throttle and the lever on the engine [the throttle controls]? It is separate from the choke lever, and it does move with the throttle lever, but maybe not as freely or something, as it should? Or is it probably just from sitting? Thanks again. Appreciate your help!

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I wouldn't think here would be a linkage issue. You could check for the throttle shaft itself sticking in the bore. A touch of lube would be ok on the links. Small Honda engines have some difficultly w/ old fuel deposits on the valve stems after sitting. Usually it will present itself as a miss as the the valve sticks open a bit before it closes. the Seafoam should rectify that. A few bursts of carb spray in through the throat of the carb as you run it up can speed up the process.

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Again, thanks so much for your help. I already sprayed carb cleaner in the throat of the carb while running (took off the air filter first obviously), so will follow up with Seafoam as suggested. Really appreciate it!

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