I didn't let the Lexel cure long enough...

concretenprimroses(4B NH)October 21, 2011

Two of the flowers I have hanging on the fence lost a part. Both are ones that I really want Lexel for the clearness. So I decided I'm just going to sell at the the sale in someone's home on Dec. 3 with my geii flowers, and probably skip the other Christmas fair(s). I was a little overwhelmed trying to think of how to fit displays into tiny spaces and light the flowers so they would sparkle. I really need more time to think about it. I'll let the lexel ones cure in the house for a few more weeks. Then I'll hang them up outside for the winter, so I can be confident about them in the spring. I think I would prefer outdoor fairs also.

Just hope I don't get company anytime soon since they are now all over the bed and floor in the spare room!

They will probably sell better in the spring anyway.

Course I could always try to make 50 or so more with ge ii between now and Christmas...



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I had a lexel pf come apart just recently.Thanks for your update. It sounds like your making a good decision about doing the fairs. Keep up the good work :) Kim

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mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)

I advertise my flowers and teacups on a local Facebook page. Yesterday a woman came and purchased $96.00 worth of things. Hubby says, "hmm, do we need to go look for more stuff?" Guess that made him a believer.I found that the easiest way to keep the items at home is to give each item a number and log them in a book. When I take photos of them,and post them then the customer has an idea of what she wants by the # on the piece. The pieces are packed in boxes that have the #s written on the outside. so I can easily find what flower the customer may like. Yesterday this woman was interested in two pieces I had posted and she liked others more and didn't purchase the two she came for. Now today, I will be shopping for more 'stuff' !
There never seem to be many inside sales down here, and right now it is windy outside all the time. The pieces look so much better outside though.

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