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britcarJune 16, 2014

About to replace my old Craftsman tractor. I have narrowed the choice to the Husq 46" or 48" . My question concerns the engine choice. 22hp, 24hp B/S twin Intek, Kohler 22hp Courage or 18hp Kowasaki (sp?). Have heard of valve problems with the B/S Inteks, Kohler is OK, K is supposedly the best. Any thoughts?

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all of the engines may experience problems with valves sticking. Ethanol fuel can leave a residue on the valve stems and eventually the valves stick open.

Different Briggs engines were used on Husqvarna. The 23 Hp Vanguard was a great choice and is suitable for commercial service. The consumer v-Twins are equipped with a flat air filter or an oval air filter. The flat air filter sometimes has issues with dirt leaking by the edges of the filter. The oval filter is a better choice and is very good in sealing out the dirt. Push rods on the consumer vtwin are lighter duty that work ok except when the valves start to stick. Dealers usually stock common parts for these.

The kohler courage is a consumer engine that has had it's share of complaints on the forum.

the Kawasaki is always a great engine that is suitable for commercial duty. Most dealers do not stock parts for these, but can acquire in a few days.

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Thanks...B/S I think has had valve adjustment problems, but seems like an easy fix. Heard Kohler is now made in China.

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Slightly off topic I know but please excuse as this is my first time posting etc. I recently bought a new Husqvarna LT154 ride on mulching tractor and after its third outing on my 100yd by 15yd lawn it "died" on me ! The drive belt to the blades broke in two.
I contacted the dealer who said they would contact Husqvarna and find out how I stood regarding a warranty claim three hours later they phoned back to inform me that Husqvarna said that the belts do not break (why do they sell replacement ones ??) and that in any case it was regarded by them as a case of "fair wear and tear",, after only two hours running time clocked up ??
The dealer then very generously offered to supply me with a new belt as a gesture of "goodwill" for ã30 !

The fact that by law they are obliged to repair or replace a defective part within a reasonable length of time, according to the trading standards people would be approx six months and not two hours operating time !

Not wanting to enter into a protracted dispute with this company whilst my grass grows away I paid and have had delivered a new belt to be fitted.

The point I make is that it would appear that a Husqvarna warranty is not worth the paper it is written on so my advice to any prospective Husqvarna purchaser is simply , BEWARE !!

This will certainly be the last product I buy from this manufactuer !!

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