Lawnboy or Honda

gregnga(7)June 15, 2014

I have a Honda HRR216VXA mower that I have to replace and I am trying to decide between another Honda and a Lawnboy. Before you respond with "no comparison" please finish reading this.

A while ago I had a Lawnboy Gold Series that lasted me 23 years. It was a 2 cycle and one of the best mowers ever made, IMHO. The Honda I have now has lasted me about 6 years (the engine bearings are bad and the engine needs to be replaced). One thing I liked better about my LB was that it was more maneuverable than my Honda. Mowing with my Honda is like trying to mow the yard with a tank. I realize that Honda are probably a lot better mower than Lawnboy now but one thing that attracted me to possibly getting another Lawnboy is the fact that they have a Kohler engine in them which I know is (was) a very good engine and I liked the maneuverability of the Lawnboy over the Honda.

So, my question is "are Lawnboys that much inferior to what they used to be or are they still a pretty good mower even if not equal to Honda"

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I am about to replace a 17 year old commercial duty Lawnboy and was hoping to buy a new lawnboy. After a little research I decided to get something else. The big deciding factor was that Lawnboy mowers are only sold at Home Depot and Amazon. Getting replacement parts and service would be a nightmare. Unavailability of parts is why I have to replace my old machine. E-10 fuel has ruined the carburetor and L-B has discontinued the parts. I'll probably get a Husqvarna because of a good dealer only 40 miles away. I'm keeping the dead Lawnboy with hopes of finding an older one with a Walbro carb I can salvage and install on my commercial machine.

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Greg: The current LB mowers are okay, and I recommend them a lot for smaller yards/trim mowers. They are 20" mowers with stamped-steel deck and non-ball bearing wheels. Parts would be sold by any Toro dealer and Toro online, plus other outlets. Good little mowers, but it seems like you're looking for a more premium mower, having had a LB Gold Pro and a Honda. I would have to recommend the Toro Super Recycler. I know what you mean about the Honda being 'unwieldy' - I thought the same thing when I had one. IDK what happened to your Honda engine, but such a failure is not typical. If you wanted to get into ultra quality, you might look into the Toro 22156 in the 'Contractor's' section of the Toro site. Honda commercial OHC 190cc GSV engine, aluminum deck and steel wheels with ball bearings and replaceable tires. This is as real as it gets. Toro first released this mower as a Lawn-Boy 22271 in 2007 but shortly after that they basically shut down LB except for the lower-end models. Then the same mower came out in red and white under the Toro banner. I found a LB 22271 and bought it in 2008. What a mower. If you are looking for a lifetime mower like the old Gold Pro, I can recommend the Toro 22156 with enthusiasm.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toro 22156

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I will probably get another Honda or Toro. I guess I was just being nostalgic for wanting another Lawn boy. How is the Toro for manueverability. The one thing I don't like about my Honda is that it is such a klutz. Not very manueverable at all. The local dealer near me sells both brands and he says Honda is better for bagging (which I do).

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I doubt if any mower made today is as light and maneuverable as the Two Stroke Lawn Boys were. You're going to have to bite the bullet and accept something you don't like. Myself, I couldn't bear to have to use a pig like a Honda to mow with.All the pleasure of mowing would be gone.

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I also didn't like the flexibility of the Honda polymer deck. The Toros are shorter than the Hondas and easy to use. There is nothing quite like a thick cast aluminum mower deck for rigidity and sound absorption.

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