Toro timemaster vs super recycler

Brad051June 5, 2012

I currently have a toro super recycler (20092) and have been looking at possible getting a bigger mower to cut down on time. Thought about buying a husq 2242 rider but i think its alittle to much for my .4 acre yard plus it would take up alot of room in the garage. So i been looking into the 30" timemaster. So my question is has anyone went from a sr4 to a timemaster? It would be bought from my toro dealer not home depot. I would hate to spend a grand and let it sit in the corner while i use the super recycler. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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How much time do you estimate will be saved by going from a 21 to 30 inch swath? Remember that a 30 inch machine will take up more room and be harder to maneuver in tight spaces, around trees and bushes, etc. Strikes me as overkill for the size lawn.

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I have a timemaster and the SR4 (along with a Deere rider). Check my comments a few pages back in another thread. I'm very pleased with the Timemaster.

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My Toro self propelled 22" recycle mower will lose power as I am mowing. Grass is NOT tall and it has new plug and air filter. Electric start will start but not fire up to speed at once, needs to gradually gain RPM. When I begin to mow, as I do reach a little taller grass it does begin to power down. It just doesn't seem to compensate for the load. This happens both in recycle mode and while using the bag. Mower deck has been cleaned and still loses power under load. (Is there a fuel filter ?) Any suggestions are very appreciated.

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