I know what we will all be doing with our bowling balls...

mjowest(5)October 14, 2012

I found this on Pinterest-

I like the bowling ball project the best!

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden ideas-Bowling ball

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I like the fish -- but boy, that's a ton of work. I love the bowling balls ,too ....... they wouldn't work for me . My soil is too loose - they'd be forever leaning to one side. I'd probably need some sort of cement base that I could bury just under the surface. HHhhmmmm.....
here I go - thinking of projects again ! LOL

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hee hee.... you're welcome... :)

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I love the bowling balls suspended on fairly long length of copper pipe! Have ceramic mosaiced ball, have copper pipe! Psyched. Thanks much for posting this.

I only leave one hole open on the bowling ball, slowly fill the others with exterior caulk, allowing it to cure completely before further filling the holes.

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I just tried mounting my heavy bowling ball. The copper pipe I have is only 1/2" - I drove a length of rebar, probably 3/8" into the ground, tested ball on it. It immediately tried to come out of the ground. Think one would need at least 1" pipe, probably reinforced with rebar inside.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I just adore the bedspring flowers. I like the bowling balls suspended. Great ideas, thanks for showing.

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thanks! I love all the ideas. Next time there is a junky box springs at the resale shop I will be stripping it of coils. Wait! there was one there yesterday, have to check when I get off. It's across the alley from me.

Does anyone watch American Restoration? My dh told me that on an episode today they showed this yard and the guy had a bowling ball pyramid!! I will try and find which episode on their website, the show was about pinball machines.
Tally HO!

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I started gluing glass pebbles on one, I didn't get far. It took an eternity just to cover the top! Maybe some day I'll finish it. They kept sliding down.

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What are you using for glue ritaweeda? GE silicone II works well. I have a penny covered BB I made into a fountain and I have four other balls in my garden. Two with glass stones two w/o. I found a large rot iron candle holder at a garage sale and buried it in the ground. It holds my BB very nicely. In the spring it may list a little but I just pack the dirt with my foot. My two w/o stones are colorful but they are fading. They sit under oaks in my shade garden but still the color is slowly fading away.

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