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OKGirl80June 13, 2011

I'll be the first to admit, I know nothing about maintaining a nice lawn. In the years past, I really haven't cared and have neglected it. It shows this year. We have large areas of dirt and rocks, then areas of nothing but crabgrass, areas of lush Bermuda, and areas of fescue. My husband spread some fescue and Bermuda seed and I've been watering it often. With the weather we have been having (approaching 100 for a couple weeks now) I'm not sure we'll get enough to take at this point. I'll get to the point. What needs to be done at this point to make it presentable for the rest of the year? What else should we due in preparation for next year's lawn?

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Hey OKGirl80, I am from Green Country myself :-)
Well I would say that first of all its to late for any seeding this year and right now you just need to work on what you got. Next year will be a different story. This summer for you should be all about weed control. Start spraying to eliminate all of your weeds starting as soon as possible. When you water only do it once a week for a period that you water the lawn where there is 1 inch of water dumped on it. This should help your already established lawn and get rid of your weeds which probably is your main problem outside of watering.

Next year, you need to decide Bermuda or fescue, one or the other. If you already have nice areas of bermuda, I would go with the bermuda, it grows very good in Oklahoma. You will want to seed or sod bermuda starting in early spring and find the Bermuda Bible on this site for fertilization/watering/weeding recommendations.

Thank you.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

+1 for the Bermuda Bible.
+1 on watering advice - once your lawn is established. Until your seed comes in, you should be watering morning noon and night for about 10 minutes.

It is not too late for more bermuda seed, but once you have seeded bermuda, you really do not need more. Just water what you have until it comes in. It will spread to fill the yard if you water and mow (low).

Watch for weeds. Pluck the new ones where you can. Spot spray individual weeds. General spraying when temps are above 85 degrees will cause problems across the lawn, so spot spray only.

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Thank you! The whole yard used to be full of bermuda, but after they put new water lines in a few years ago, it hasn't come back in some areas. Add to that the extreme heat and drought we've and the lack of watering on my part, its become a mess. The yard has also been ravaged by gophers over the winter. Hopefully we can get it to fill in, and cover some of the rocks and dirt.

I'll keep watering to see if I can get some of the seed we already spread to germinate. Should I fertilize and if so, when and with what?

Any recommendation on a weed spray? We live on a lot of land and are surrounded with pasture and hay meadows so weeds will be a constant battle around here.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

The questions you are asking about water, fertilizer and weed killers are answered in The Bermuda Bible. Google is your friend.

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