First Glass Totum

jlily(Z6)October 11, 2011

Well, I have watched all of you girls doing this and have gathered glass pieces thinking someday I'll try. THIS IS IT!! In fact I did two. But this is the favorite and I think the best. This is a new flowerbed that I just layed out. Not much flowers in it. ENJOY! JLily


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Awesome! I love how you have the glass "noodles" kind of holding on to the blue vase. The glass floweers are a nice addition, and the top is perfect! I bet it really sparkles in the sun.

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That is just pretty beyond words !!!! How in the world did you find all those matching pieces ?? !!!! They fit together perfectly . I would love to have that in my yard :)

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Marlene Kindred

VERY pretty! I'll bet the topper is going to really sparkle! I can't see a plate on the bottom...what did you use for stability? Really great job!

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I did not put a plate at the bottom but put a stake that I drove into the ground that goes up to the top of the bottom vase. Thank you for your compliments. They are fun to make. Jlily

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It's more like a garden sculpture with all those fancy things on it. Very nice! Blue reminds me of water & the grape colors of grapes so perfect for the garden. The noodles work so well with the vase as "feet & nice to trim the bottom plate between the 1/2 stones! Jan

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Very pretty!!

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Beautiful! Now that you're hooked I'm anxious to see more.

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Your totem is beautiful. It looks like you used lids for the red and blue. Great idea. I had never thought of doing that. Thank you for sharing.


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Very pretty.....I too think the noodles are so nicely placed. Very creative you are!!

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Marylee has a great eye! I was so bedazzled by the totem as a whole that I didn't notice the blue and red pieces were lids. Great catch, Marylee! jlily, you sure learned well from the talented folks on this forum! I give your first totem an A++++! Love your use of the noodles and great choice for a topper! I bet it looks awesome in the sun.

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