Planting seeds

bluephi1914(8)June 9, 2013

I am throwing grass seeds burmuda of fescue....

I am in West Georgia and I think the time has passed for fescue so most likely it will be burmuda... Has anyone heard of mixing millet seed with burmuda grass seed just to establish a fast roof system?

I would rather throw fescue in my back yard as I have spent lots of money sod in the front and sides with burmuda. I already have a fescue in the back yard but I had certain areas scraped clean and had more dirt brought in to level things up, so the area I will be throwing seeds will be on dirt.

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No help?


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The Bermuda will eventually weave itself into the Fescue. If you have good sun light and few large trees I would stick with only the Bermuda. Fescue doesn't propagate like Bermuda does. Fescue pretty much grows where you plant it. Had fescue for a long time wouldn't go back. I would rent a seed slitter or areator if you can't get the slitter and sew Yukon over the whole yard if seeding is what you plan to do. I would never mix Bermuda and Fescue will look horrible.

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ok... so i don't need to mix the Bermuda with another seed to get it to come up faster or establish a root system faster?

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