Painted Flower Pots

seamommy(7bTX)October 15, 2010

I pick the pots off of curbs and find them in the thrift stores and GS. I prepare the pot by applying a neutral base coat of acrylic paint. Then start with an idea from a picture I see somewhere like on a kleenix box or in a magazine or on a pretty tile and then sketch the design on the pot. The sketching goes slow and the painting goes fast, usually only about 20-30 minutes. It's fun it's easy and if I don't like the way they turn out, I can reapply the base coat and start over.

If I knew how to resize them I'd make them a little smaller, and maybe add that nice little artsy fuzzy edge like some of the pooter-wizards around here do. but alas, I'm still not a techno-wiz so there ya go. Cheryl

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This is one of my fav crafts too, though I havent been able to do much of it lately. Your designs are very pretty - mine are pretty basic usually. Here's your softened edges for ya! :-D

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Marlene Kindred

These are lovely! What a great job you did on the painting....they look very chic!

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Those are SO, SO, SO Pretty!! I hope you are selling them somewhere! You are a talented artist! Great Job!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shabby Garden Creations

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Cindy! How'd you do that? Cheryl

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Lovely pots! I notice you don't paint all the way down inside the pots. I always spray inside of mine as I was told if you don't paint might just all come off. GK's gave me 2 pots 1 yr. I put plants in & sure enough 1 stayed great & other 1 all the paint peeled off. DD had said she wasn't sure if they had sealed inside of both but she knew they had done 1. So I'll have to repaint it after I sand it off & clean inside & spray. Since clay is porous the water gets behind the paint & off it comes. Linda sew-in-sew uses a black stuff for inside of pots, says it is cheap & gets it at auto store. I think it goes on with a brush. Anyway I notice you are using Folk Art paints for some so hope you are spraying clear coat on outside when you are finished painting them. I use Patio paints as the colors don't change outside & I've had good luck with them. You do a great job on the pots, thanks for showing them! Jan

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You do such a wonderful job of painting! And I love the huge pictures! They are easy on the eyes. :D With such pretty pots you don't even need flowers in them!

Be sure to heed Jan's advice. I'd hate to think of your pretty pots losing their designs!

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Beautiful! I love painted pots.

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Wow you do beautiful work...Wish I had that talent...

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Wow! You are an artist! Awesome looking pots! I love the iris one too! :)


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your pots are beautiful.......wish I had painting talent!

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Those are absolutely beautiful. I too wish I had your talent. I agree with previous posters- you should be marketing your work somewhere. I would buy one or ten in a heartbeat.

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Cheryl, I used a program called Corel Paint Shop Pro.

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