Any ideas - scallop shells

pixie_louOctober 28, 2011

We just spent a week on vacation at the Cape. Came home with 2 paper grocery bags of scallop shells - these are the smaller ones from Bay Scallops.

Any ideas of what to do with them? DD is going spray some silver, add a head and wings, and turn them into shell angels. So that will use up half a dozen. . .

Here is a link that might be useful: Bay Scallop Shell Photo

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make a wire leg set to put the shell on then glue eys on for a new sort of bug.If you have gnomes make them some ear mufflers...butterflys, hats, a roof for a fairy house.... beautiful as a frame for a mirror or picture or a wreath....

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wooden boxes and even furniture are decorated with shells. An old chandelier covered with shells can be awesome.

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This isn't garden junk but I took some of those last year & painted some with Champagne metallic paint or White pearl Metallic paint,both by Decoart (1 light coat) & then when dry I used Decoart Craft Twinkles brushed on with a small flat craft brush & when dry sparkle beautifully. Then added a gold or fish-line loop to the back(Where the flat part is) with E-6000 glue & let dry(loop is for hanging on tree). They are beautiful Christmas ornaments! I left the little tree in kitchen up a couple of weeks longer than usual & lite it every night as I loved the shimmer on the shells. I also once took a large shell & added other shells to it & some of those unusual yarns they have now in sand color ,teal or bluish(water) & had them hang down from behind the shell after I tied them together. Brought a couple of the thicker pieces up above the large shell to use as hanger. Gave as gift, she loved it. Jan

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Thanks for the ideas. DD will love the shell bug idea. That will use up a few more shells. I'm also thinking of just painting as Christmas Ornaments, but hang them from my trees outside.

We have a small skating pond in our back yard - so I'm trying to think of something to down there. I'm going to look at some concrete benches from someone on Craigslist this weekend. So maybe I could put those down by the pond, and cover the legs and underside with scallop shells.

Seriously - I must have 1,000 shells. I was telling DH that I'm going to pave the driveway with them!

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You could mosaic some to some clay or cement pots to give your pond area more of a "beach feel"!Jan

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Marlene Kindred

I too was thinking about the Christmas ornament idea. I have a small Christmas tree just for "beachy" and "fishy" ornaments. I even use one of those plastic Herons as a tree topper. We had him at our camper site on the Bay for years. I wonder too if you could glue them to a bowling ball or similar for a beachy gazing ball.

Post a picture of your creations...we'd love to see!

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Love the shells. They are different than the ones we have here. My daughter is planning to get married next July and wants to use her scallop shells as individual butter dishes on the tables. Also I have been wanting to make some with chocolate. Tried one but the chocolate has to be thicker, will try again.

If you know of someone getting married in the future it could be a gift to them if they are having a beach theme.

I had a sand dollar Christmas Tree at the Lighthouse Hall last year.


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

If there is a way to drill holes in them easily you could string them into garlands. I like 2 holes (top and bottom) with a loop of wire holding each to the next, hanging from trees outside or where ever. A lot of shell garlands hanging down in the same area would be cool looking.

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I drilled holes in mine, and when I made macrame
plant hangers, used them like beads in the hangers.
They really look pretty hanging from the trees.

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I used Silicone II for Doors & Windows & glued mine on a birdhouse that we made ... that was in '09 & it is still hanging outside (all yr round) & being used each summer by Wrens! (mine was a recycle of a you could make a windchime, too). Have fun! Jeanne S.

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Very cute birdhouse Jeanne! What a neat idea. Will have to tell my DIL to come on & look at it. Think I will take pic of it right now. She loves the beach so they would love to have something like this in their yard. Jan

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nonacook - how did you drill holes in your shells?

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I have a drill press, and just used a wood drill bit the size that I wanted the hole to be. A hand held drill would work too. I drilled from the inside of the shell, with the curve place on a flat surface.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Such a pretty bird house! I love shell art, and have a small collection of boxes that I keep sewing smalls in.

I always wanted to decoupage my tv set (big black box, ugh). If I had a bunch of shells I might stick them on it. gotta watch out for the cooling holes, but the front shouldl be ok.

Why doesn't someone make a pretty colored piece of electronic equipment every now and then. I'd like a green tv!


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You can do a lot more; especially those of you who make things to sell:

1. Look up how to bronze/electro plate things, like bronzing baby shoes. It is not extremely complicated. You can have bronzed shells polished to a mirror finish.

2. You can make a silicone rubber mold to cast plaster shells with incredible details. If you use food-grade silicone rubber, you can make scallop shell cookies, chocolates, etc.


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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Pixie Lou- Martha Stewart had this cool way to use seashells. It is on my 'to do' list. I have a bug to work with shells and have been saving them. Would LOVE to see more ideas.

Jeanne- your birdhouse is absolutely adorable. Very nicely done.

-Sprout (Linda)

Here is a link that might be useful: Seashell lights

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

more ideas!!

Here is a link that might be useful: More from Martha

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