echo trimmer leaking fuel through muffler

johnuchJune 19, 2008

brand new carb...wont start...but seems to be leaking at muffler........any help very appreciated...when i try to start fuel spits out of exaust or muffler area.........thx

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Flooding; too much fuel getting in engine. Usually, 2-cycles are hard to flood out - they like 'wet' starts. Maybe there is a fault with the ignition? Bad plug, bad coil or wire? Check how many turns out the two needle valves are - set them at 1.5 turns out and see if it helps.

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hate to be a pain, but this is a "brand new walbro carb" out of the box....this trimmer was leaking before a little....rebuilt the carb and had same prob. i purchaed a new one...could it be a gasket at confused

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My srm 210 runs about 25 minutes every other week on average and has always puked fuel/oil crap a little bit out of the muffler area. Probably because I over prime and probably because of short, low-load run times.

Took it to a relative's place that needed some serious cleanup and ran it HARD for 4 hours. No puking.

I also run my mix at about 32:1, syn blend. The same batch feeds a chainsaw, a lawn-boy and the trimmer.

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nevada_walrus(Boulder City)

Majority of the time there is fuel puking out the exhaust its from back pressure due to a clogged spark arrester. It also causes a loss of power. Pull the arrester screen out of the muffler and clean it.

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as an experiment i have screen off....still the same...interesting "otter" i always used my lawnboy 32:1 mix....this year i tried the echo 50:1 should still work though...hmm

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canlawn(zone 5 Canada)

Do you find that the trimmer smokes alot with the 32:1 mix ? I run a 50:1 mix echo oil for my SRM210 and LB oil 32:1 for my 10424. If I can run the 32:1 in the trimmer as well it would be a bonus.. Mark

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Define 2-stroke smoking too much......

I'll tell you this much, I can smell it when it's running and it keeps the bugs away, but there's not an obvious cloud of smoke.

The reason I'm using 32:1 at present is that I'm breaking in a Solo chainsaw and the mfg recommends 25:1 on the first five tanks of fuel and then 25:1 if using any oil other than castrol super TT. As the echo is a synthetic blend, I've decided that 32:1 is a good compromise for now.

My next 5 Litres of mix will be 40:1 for everything, should keep the echo from fouling and keep the solo and the LB 10247 happy.

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looks like i finally got the trimmer to work....i guess i flooded it trying to start...have to adjust idle up though...wont stay at idle.....the other thing im trying to figure out how to stop the head from turning at idle...............

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Turn your idle speed screw counter clockwise about 1/8 of a turn at a time,until the head stops.Hope this helps.


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You may have to adjust the low speed jet, could be either rich or lean. If the engine stalls or hesitates when going from idle it full speed it's lean.

Of course I just made the assumption that the jets are adjustable.

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my echo hand held blower siphons the fuel out of the tank and hyrolocks the piston. the first time it happened it sheared the flywheel key. the unit was repaired and it still siphons fuel unless stored with the blower nozzle straight up in the air. What causes it to continuously siphon fuel until the tank is empty and the cylinder full of fuel. It is quite frustrating and I am afraid it is my last echo product!!!!!!

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Apparently the inlet needle valve within you carb is not closing causing fuel to flood your unit. Usually a small amount of debris or varnish can cause the valve not to seat completely . Removal of the carb base and diaphram will indicate if the needle valve is free and clear. Additional use of fuel cleaner or conditioner will prevent this in the future.

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Here is how I adjust the engine idle.

Start the engine and allow it 5 minutes to warm up. Then raise the idle till the head spins, finally turn the adjustment 1/4 turn back and you should be good to go.

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