Kawasaki FJ180V OHV engine

cranheimJune 26, 2008

I have a Snapper lawn mower on order that has a Kawasaki FJ180V OHV engine. Has anyone had any experience with this particular engine? I believe this engine has full pressure oil lube, but I may be wrong. Charles Ranheim

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nevada_walrus(Boulder City)

They are terrific engines, worry not about buying one. I'm not certain but i believe the oil pump is just for the optional oil filter.

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canguy(British Columbia)

They are available with or without filters. As n_v said, they are great engines.

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mattv21(z9 Houston)

My experience was very good. They are large and heavy - along the lines of a Robin EH18V or Briggs Intek - but _very_ powerful, smooth, and easy starting.

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The kawasaki web site says the engine has "Forced lubrication with redesigned oil pump". From what I have been hearing about the Kawasaki FJ180V, it sounds like I made the right choice. Thanks for all your comments. Charles Ranheim

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It is an excellent engine. I have one without the oil filter and it starts on one pull. The power is absolutely amazing, goes through anything. I have the Toro 22164.

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I picked up my new Snapper mower with the Kawasaki FJ180V-CS23-R engine. It starts easily and runs smooth. I have not had a chance to mow long grass with it, but from what little I did as a trial run, it cut very clean. I have it configured as side discharge. I found one interesting item in the engine manual under maintenance. Every 300 hours, they suggest cleaning the combustion chamber, check and adjust the valve clearance, and clean and lap valve seating surface. "These three service procedures are to be performed by an authorized Kawasaki Dealer". I can understand cleaning carbon, but was surprised to hear about lapping the valve faces. When I mentioned this to the dealer, he seemed to think this probably would not be necessary. First of all, 300 hours would amount to several years of use for me. I was also thinking of spraying some SEA Foam in the carburetor from time to time in an attempt to keep the carbon build up to a minimum. What do you folks think of that idea (Sea Foam application)? So far, I am satisfied with what I see in the overall quality of the main mower and engine. I did have to adjust the speed control because the lowest speed was a little too fast. I just set the speed control according to the setup procedure, and it corrected the low speed operation. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
Charles Ranheim

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Reason for the valve lapping is that unlike most motors the kawi actually tightens in tolerance. most motors loosen tolerance. this means if you wait too long the engine can actually damage itself. it would take a very long time to do this though and it will actually run better as tolerances tighten to a point.

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Kawasaki in one of the best. Got one on my 1986 John Deere 165 Lawn Tractor that is as good now as it was the day it was new. You wont be disapointed with the engine. Cant say anything bad or good about Snapper since we never had one.

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