Oil in air Filter on Honda GCV160 Engine

s3cdJune 7, 2009


I have a Honda GCV160 engine on my lawn mower(Poulan Pro).

I think I did something that I shouldnt have done, I tilted the lawn mower on the carburator side and now the air filter is filled with oil and the engine wont start.

What do you recommend I do to correct the situtation ? Is it a serious problem ?

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canguy(British Columbia)

Replace the air filter, check the oil level and start the engine. It will smoke for a bit but no harm done.

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Sometimes in this case you have to remove the spark plug and pull the starter cord about twenty times to clear the cylinder. Make sure the spark plug wire is either grounded or held away from the engine and can't spark and start a fire. Don't tip it up on that side unless the oil is drained and the gas tank empty. Perform all blade service and oil change by tipping it up with the carburetor on the high side.

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just read this thread as bought a GCV135 Allen at auction and taking it back to car did exactly as thread starter and held it to me carb down. DOH! It didnt leak any oil on the way to car but when I got home it had dribbled through filter. onto deck. Not seeN this mower working so pig in a poke but looked ok. Have cleaned filter with petrol but will replace. Took off carb bowl and just dribble of fuel and no oil and no sludge. (p/tank was empty but wet.) Trying to figure out how oil came out through carb but didn't enter it (or maybe did?). Suppose it would have only gone into main jet if at all and main jet raised?? Hoping not to have to strip carb but will find out shortly. Read inline filter good idea for fuel? Any views? Is there space?
Thanks - new to this most informative website.

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Mower engines have crankcase vapor recycling like cars. Oil can get into the carb/combustion chamber this way if tipped incorrectly. Oil in the carb is no particular problem. The fuel dilutes/clears it and the engine burns it. However the oil can also follow the the intake tract and enter the cylinder where it can cause hydraulic lock. It all depends on how it was tipped. It could just go out through the air filter as yours did. Just check the oil, change the air filter, fuel the engine and start. You may see some oil smoke for a few minutes.

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l just recently took over as building manager
There is old honda lawn mower GCV 160,will not start.
What do l have to do to get engine running? MIKE

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