Late Summer or Fall Weed Control

saturn1956(6)June 24, 2010

I have heard that applying a Weed and Feed or a product with Halts in late Summer or Fall can help with early Spring weed Problems. Scotts sells a product but I have read reviews that it burns your lawn. Any other product out there that can help prevent weeds in the Spring?? I had something for the first time this year in early Spring in my Kentucky Bluegrass that would not go away it turned yellow and matted and hung around. I raked most of it out but it looked dead and was but could not get rid of it with it's little feathery tops actually looked like a grass. But anyway still looking for a product to use late in the year



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Well first of all, weed and feed products are not such a great idea. You would be better off using fertilizer separate from herbicides. That being said, a late summer application of a preemergent like Halts, or Dimension will prevent poa annua from germinating. Poa annua is a winter annual, so it germinates in the late summer/early fall when soil temps fall below 70 degrees F, lies dormant in winter, and produces seed in the spring. This late summer application will not affect spring/summer annuals. For that you need to do another application of a preemergent in early spring. If you are planning to seed turf you cannot use these products as they will also prevent your grass seed from germinating.

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I typically do use a preemergent in the Spring. But I read using Halts or some other product in late Summer early Fall is the thing to do. I was just looking for different companies that had products I could use

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Did you read my post? Using a preemergent in the late summer when soil temps are above 70 F is a good idea mainly to prevent poa annua germination. Lawn burn is usually caused by the fertilizer portion of weed and feed products, but those are generally post emergent herbicide/fertilizer combinations that need to remain on the lawn for a while without watering in. You should always water in fertilizer and fertilizer/preemergent combinations. There are several preemergents on the market you can buy that don't include fertilizer. Dimension, Barricade, Stonewall, Pendulum, Ronstar, etc. Here's a good site to decide what you want to use.

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I plan to overseed my yard the first week of September, when can I apply the rest of the Dimension that I used at the beginning of the season. I guess I am asking, how many weeks do you have to wait after overseeding?

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I don't think you can use Dimension this year if you are planning on overseeding. If you use it now, I am pretty sure it lasts for at least three months, so it will inhibit your seeds from becoming grass. If you do it after your new grass is growing the Dimension will probably cause all new growth to cease, and your grass will be stunted and at worst, could die. I am sure it has instructions on the bag when it will be safe, probably after the first three mowings, but I wouldn't use it anyway because the poa annua you are trying to stop will have already germinated.

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