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flowers12October 11, 2011

I'm going to do a Craft Fair next month that I also did last year. I'm curious what you think my items can sell for. Last year I sold my totems for $25 and my glass flowers for $20. A few people told me I was very reasonable on my prices. Hmmmmm so what did they feel I should have charged? Any suggestions will be helpful. I don't want to outprice myself but I wonder what to charge. I'm trying to upload some pictures and I hope it works so you can see what my items look like.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I did $12 to $18 for plate flowers but the stem and a piece of rebar were $3 extra. I sold a totem for $24.
I'm glad to see your post because I am going to raise prices to $15 to $22 for plate flowers. I have a bunch of red glass and some more expensive plates this time. People seemed to pick their favorite irregardless of price.
But I have only the one experience so far. A friend of mine actually suggested that I sell them for $10 at the Frmers mkt because they would "sell like hotcakes"! Unfortunately I wouldn't be earning much at that price tho!

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Last year I gave the pvc and rebar with the totem or plate flowers. I didn't give it any thought about charging extra but it makes sense to have it separate. My thinking was to sell them as "ready to go in the garden". Red glass is the big seller always. You definately can charge more for red. Last year I only had a few red plate flowers and one totem. People kept coming back asking if I had anymore red. Red plates are really hard to find and usually cost $2 - $4 each. The Bluebird totem I made was a testament to people buying what they really like. I didn't really want to sell it so I put a $40 tag on it and I was blown away when a lady bought it right as I was setting up.

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I think it depends on the area you're in. Here the flowers with stems are selling for about $25. I'm the only one I know of who is selling totems. They go for between $26 & $32. Birdbaths - $36 to $48.

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Laurastheme, where do you live? I live in Northern California, Redding area and there are other people making totems but I haven't seen any other flowers yet. I've seen a lot of really beautiful bird feeders at a fair. The prices are a lot higher than I charge so maybe this year I'll price the flowers at $25 and range my totems a little higher depending on the cost of the colored glass. After all, we make these treasures to sell. Sometimes I like one so much I keep it for myself. My hubby says I'm keeping too many. Winter is so dreary in the garden and a little bling makes it look better.

Do you always make your totems to go on a stick or do you make them to sit flat? I never know which ones to do and end up making them for a stick.

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