Suggestions for old canning lids/rings?

bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)October 17, 2011

Canning lids cannot be reused and the rings can only be reused a few times as they will start to rust. I have a big bag of them now that I do not just want to throw out. Any ideas on how I can reuse these? The lids could be painted and welded to make flowers or something but I'm not so sure about the rings.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

A friend of mine has the most beautiful pin cushion that someone made for her. I'm the one who pointed out that it was made from a canning cover rim. She had never noticed! I'll ask her if i can take a picture next time I see her.

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Save them and give to someone who can use them as lots of folks are preserving food by canning but supplies are pricey. As an old "canner" the rings can be reused several years if dried so that they don't rust. They can be used for food that doesn't need to be sealed such as dry beans and can also be used in the deep freeze. If you have a local thrift store, donate them and someone who needs them may find them. Years ago I saw where someone glued pictures onto the lids and put them inside brightly painted rings and attached to a wide ribbon to make a wall hanging. Also pictures on the lid were used for frig magnets. Or paint the rings a bright color and hang on your wind chimes. My first advice is to find someone who can really use them.

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I love this wreath made out of canning rings from

I want to make one someday.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

posieh - I think you missed the part where these are old rusted rings. Previous years of canning, I did not realize I should not leave the rings on the jars and that has caused them to rust. I am promptly removing, washing and drying, my new rings. I certainly would be using them for canning myself if they were still usable for that purpose.

The wreath is a really cute idea.

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maybe a wind chime with the rims?? punch two holes in the rim, hang a bell ftom the inner one and a line to hang it from on the outer one... hang them from an old rusty pot or a bowl... the lids could be used as shingles on a gnome or fairy house or a bird house... geeme

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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

I'm really liking the shingles idea also. I've been wanting a toad house. Does anyone know if I could use a soddering gun to sodder the lids together or some kind of glue that will hold up in the outdoors?

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I like both the wreath and the windchime ideas. Now I must look for some rings. Those are items that I do not remember seeing at garage sales.

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Don't know why the bowling ball caulk would not work on a roof, could bend them in half for the top cap for a good water seal too. geeme

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

I used to make Christmas ornaments with them. The rings were painted and covered with beads and lace, bows and bells - like a Christmas wreath. The lids were punched like a tin punch using and awl- or even a nail - and a hammer. I drew an image on the lid and then 'outlined' it with hole punches. The lids can also be spray painted and a scene can be cut from an old Christmas card or gift wrap can be glued to the front of the lid, and the lid glued, as usual, back into the rim to peep thru the 'wreath'. Add a ribbon for hanging and happy holidays. These make saleable items and nice gifts or gift tags.


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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

1. Another idea would be to make an air freshener. Make a pounch with two circles of nylon mesh, slightly larger (1/2"-1") than the rings are in diameter. Whipstitch the two circles together - leaving a space to add a scented herb. Fill the pouch with dried lavender or other scented herb and whip-stich the two circles together. Lay the pouch between two rings, with the pouches edges hanging over the edges of the rims. Glue the two rings together, (insides facing)making sure there is enough glue to glue the pouch in place, as well. When glue is dry, trim the edges of the pouch and decorate the rims with ribbon and silk flowers and add a ribbon for hanging, or as desired. To simplify, small, cloth drawstring bags can be purchased, filled and assembled as directed. Hope this makes sense.

2. I made the following item this year only I used an embroidery hoop, instead of a canning ring, but this would work. Makes cute little halloween decorations. Spray the canning rim black. Add a piece of black ribbon for a hanger and some silk flowers that have been spritzed with a touch of black paint and glue these to the rim. When dry, lay a small piece of a doily, either paper or cloth, flat and evenly lining the inside of the rim. White glue or other stiffener may be added to stiffen the doily. When dry, glue a rubber spider on the center of this lace 'web', or edge of the rim. Cute decor for a window, small space or an office space.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I forgot to ask my friend to photo her pincushion. I will.

You could put family photos in to hang on the Christmas tree. Paint or decorate however. I might make some Ancestor photos using pretty scrapbook heritage paper. If you use old heritage photos, color photocopy them even tho they are not "color", you get the nice antique look and better detail. I kind of like the idea of the person in the smaller part (top)of the ring, and something about their life could be on the inside.
I don't really want to deface any of my ancestors, but if you are into making (copies of) old photos look like witches and goglins, the ring frames could be spray painted black as suggested above and they could be out on the porch for halloween decorations.

I haven't canned for years. Gotta look for my supplies. I think next year might be a pickle year.

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