Repairing & painting resin statue

giggles1October 22, 2009

"Free-time" at our local auction, I picked up this wonderful garden angel sitting on a pillar, reading a book. She's about 18" tall. Her wings were broken & only wired on.

What's the best thing to use to repair her?

If I use GEII, I won't be able to paint her. Can I use latex caulk & paint & poly???

And, what's the best paint to use on resin? The antique-y blue is chipping. I'd like to do the same color or maybe an opalescent??? Do I poly her after?

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How about this? I googled Lexel faqs and found it. I had thought it was paintable. It was recommended to me by my local hardware store manager when I was having trouble finding silicone.

  1. Can I paint Lexel and how long after it is applied?
    Answer: Yes - with Latex after at least 24 hours (for best results 7 days), with oil-based paints after full cure of 30 days. (Not giving enough cure time may result in cracking and peeling of paint because of caulk shrinkage and prolonged tackiness, etc.)
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THANKS! I'm on my way to Lowe's! Needed paint for some other things anyway.
Don't mind spending $$ on repair stuff when the initial investment was $0. lol
I have a giant 3' concrete gnome holding a fish too... wonder if Lexel will work on it too? Hope so. This guy lost an elbow, but it was taped on, so just a matter of some reconstructive surgery! lol Hubby said he had something for the concrete repair, but not sure that can be painted.

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beck_wi(z5 WI)

Wow.. I think this Lexel stuff might be exactly what I've been looking for.
I got a concret bird bath off FreeCycle, but the base is cracked in half. Hopefully, this stuff will fix it.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Oh boy, I hope this stuff works for the resin statue. I too have an angel on a pedestal with both wings broke off, mine is holding a bird. Normally I don't mind broken stuff, but I want to put her out in open and this one needs her wings. I tried liquid nails a few years ago. It worked for a while but if I remember right, softened up once our summer heat came. Anyway they drooped off after a few months. Even tried 2 part epoxy and it didn't hold. Being resin I thought maybe a fiberglass repair kit might work. Anyone know if that would work? Has anyone successfully repaired broken resin statues? I'd like to try the Lexel it says it bonds to a whole lot of things, (and super clear, too!) but I'd like to hear of any other things that have worked too.

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