Free Range Ostrich after Fast Food

tinfoilhatOctober 22, 2010

You won't see this at your local drive up window very often.

Rattlesnake and Ostrich made from found and recycled material.

Snake made from rebar, valve springs, pipe, nails, grease gun spring. Light grease gun spring allows head to bobble in the breeze.

Ostrich body made from Mitsubishi wheel rims. Wings are plow blade and rake. Legs are rebar and Yamaha bike shocks. Head made with pieces of exhaust pipe. Eyes are cotton picker gears. Tail is a hay fork.

Sometimes when I weld things together I get results I didn't plan on. With a breeze blowing and my tin foil hat on I swear I hear the Born to be Wild tune coming out of the wheel rims and assorted pieces.

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Marlene Kindred

Tooo funny! LOVE both of these!! Great job!

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Nice job on the sculptures but they are not causing the music. I too hear Steppenwolf whenever I wear a foil hat.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

OMG Those are AWESOME!!! You are soo talented!! Keep the pics coming!!

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That is so cool!!!

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Ostrich is so neat chasing that snake! Love his legs & cute head. Like hearing about all the parts you put them together with, very cool! Jan

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Well, I think you've captured that Ostrich face perfectly!...& his size, HUGE! Great recycling! ...& I'm happy to hear that you stayed away from the microwave this time & heard "tunes" instead! LOL! TFS! Jeanne S.

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loribee2(CA 9)

Ha! I love it. That would make me smile every time I walked by it.

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Gosh, it makes me want to don a tinfoil hat if that is the creativeness that results from it! I love them both. I can imagine the ostrich causing quite a stir in my urban backyard. he-he I love the rattler too. He'd feel right at home with my Screech and Quackers (2 birds made from metal junk that I bought since I can't weld).

This is Screech

And this is Quackers

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Those are very cool and they fit thier setting perfectly.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

I love those. They look just perfect in the yard. So it's the tin foil hat that makes it all work? Hmmm, might have to try that too!

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