My favorite antique store closed...

concretenprimroses(4B NH)October 30, 2011

Actually I always went in and cleaned the cheap stuff off the shelves for them. Anything I could use for my garden art. They always had pretty saucers for a quarter, and sometimes other useful things.

Anyway, they had 50% off 70% off and finally 90% off sales.

Here is some of the stuff I got for 90% off. That is one dollar for every 10 on the price tags!

These piles in the above pic are on my sewing cutting table upstairs cuz the dining room table is covered with stuff from the other sales. Below is more freshly washed.

I think I will keep the crystal bowl and matching dishes for myself to use on holidays. It came with 3 dishes, $42.50 marked down to $4.25. And there were three more dishes that had been $5 (I paid 50Cents each) that I found upstairs thatare a perfect match design tho a dif shape.

I'd been eyeing this Frankoma trivet for years. But $32.50 just seemed a bit too much. $3.25, not so bad!

I've got to clean out the center of this nice plate. It had a plastic thing glued to it. And I thought I would make myself some planters out of these old enamel spatter pans.

The green square plate that I got for 30 cents will complete this plate flower.

Next is a plate flower I made with some of my 70% off items. This irredescent plate cost me $2.10. I got a whole stack of them at that price. This one is going in my garden for the winter to make sure the irredescence holds up.

I am also testing a metal plate with a mirror finish. I thought I had a photo, but can't find it.

Now I have way too much stuff. Gotta go to as many spring craft fairs as I can! I gotta make room in the cellar, I think for some of it. Either that or skip Thanksgiving dinner!

You know, even though I got these great deals I would rather have the place still there. I always seemed to find what I needed there, and it was a fun place to shop.

Thanks for looking.


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Oh, My! Oh,my! Oh,my! I thought I had made a kill! What was your address? giggle, giggle! I see some real antiiques there that you might need to sell.

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Wow and wow again! What great buys :)

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Marlene Kindred

I'd say you made a HAUL!!! Lots of great glassware and perfect for your creations! Love the plates you've already started on. Sad that your favorite shop closed though.

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Our Salvation Army TS closed couple of years ago. I got a number of nice items there over the years. Miss it. A 2nd 1 almost went under but so many people got upset that they kept it open, Hope it will remain. I go about twice a week. Mon. is best as 25% off for seniors. You certainly got a great haul! Neat stuff for totems & plate flowers! Prices were certainly terrific! You have your work cut out for you!!Better use the cutting room so your family can have Thanksgiving dinner!! Have fun! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I don't understand why the non profit thrift stores close. (This antique store was a private for profit) Must be the rent is too high in CA, or some kind of mismanagement. Ours make a bundle which most of them pour right back into the community with programs to help people in need. Plus they employ people. A total win-win situation.

I'm really not sure where to put all this stuff. I hate to put it back in boxes. I guess I have to make all the plate flowers I can and stack them on our upstairs front porch which we don't use in the winter. I'm only slowly finding spoons, so can't hang them as I make them.

Now we have a bunch of snow. I'm hoping it goes away for a bit so dh can help me with a fence scheme I had to hang up a large amount of flowers for the winter.


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Wow! You will be busy this winter! Sorry to have your neat job closing ...but am happy to see the bargains you saved! TFS! Have fun! Jeanne S.

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WOW! ! !
What a haul!

Many really nice pieces there.
Are you sure you want to use them for plate flowers?
Some look like they could be quite valuable,
Collector's items.
Could be worth a LOT if you find the right buyer.

I realize there are many imitation's out there now,
And it's hard to tell for sure about a piece
From the photos here.
But you might want to do some serious research.
The iridescent plate you are testing
Looks a lot like either Fire King's 'Swirl'
Or 'Shell" plates, in the Peach Lustre finish.

The crystal bowl & matching dishes are beautiful!
Are they crystal, cut glass, or pressed glass?
In the picture they look like they
could very well be the "real thing".
And a real 'steal' at that price!
Definitely to keep for special occasions!

Congratulations on your 'haul',
What a shame the store closed.
Those types of stores have all gone under around here, too.
Guess the sorry state of our economy
Has taken its toll.


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Fortunately they are closing because they are getting older and tired of running the store, not because they are losing money. The bad thing for the economy is they are having trouble selling the building, and gave up on selling the business. They emptied it out by having these sales cuz the realtor said it would be better.

That said, there used to be tons of "junk" shops around when I was young. They are mostly gone, non profit thrift stores have taken their place. I do miss them.

That is a Fire King Peach Lustre plate. It had scratches in the middle as do several of the others. 2 of them are pristine and still have the gold stickers on them. I'll definitely save those. I did look on ebay and although a few things that I bought are priced high, they con't seem to be selling. The right buyer never came to their store, even at their occassional 50% off sales, so I'm not sure that I would have better luck finding the right buyer.

The crystal stuff fits right in with my grandmother's wedding gifts that I like to use on special occassions. I'm glad to have it.

Thanks for looking and commenting.


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Great stuff! I would have a hard time using some of it for plate flowers. Sue

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Our stores that closed, a Christian school with all volunteer help & the SA 1 that closed did so because the owners raised the rent to almost double. But when so many people got upset with the 3rd 1 closing they fought back & told the mini-mall owners so they actually were glad they stayed as they had hard time renting out the empty space from the Christian school 1 closing, altho, I guess out here you actually do better to have empty buildings than if you have full occupancy! Raising rent when half the stores are closed & empty makes no sense to me! Crazy world. The antique dishes are lovely so glad you can enjoy the lovely glass ones! I looked at store for spoons & there just aren't any, maybe shelters buy them & give them to the homeless or maybe sent overseas. Hope your snow melts soon!Any kids for Halloween? I 've had a few giant Panda just danced for me-cute!! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I think spoons are being made into wind chimes. But mine have to be nice stainless steel, but not so nice they won't flatten. And the handles need to not be too wide for 1/2 inch concduit. So a lot are eliminated from the start. I can get the ones from the dollar store, but they cost more and the quality is lower too.

We only get a few kids on the street then maybe a couple of straggling groups of young teens.

My friends children down the street were amazing. A fairy princess with gossamer wings that extended above her head and almost to the ground, a butter fly with similar sized but colorful wings and a cute cowgirl in cow colored outfit. Then a couple of scarey witches.

I think next year I will buy a dozen BIG candy bars and come to the door with them on a silver tray, lol.


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So sad that your favorite store closed but so wonderful that you got such great buys! Lots of gorgeous things there. Can't wait to see more of your creations.

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