Update on the stained glass paint.

toomuchglass(5)October 10, 2012

Remember I sprayed clear bottles with the red stained glass paint ? Well ..... they've been in the sun for a month now , and the bottle with one spray coat , faded badly , but the bottles with 2 coats are holding up great !

And the experiment is over :)

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Did you spray the inside or the outside?
BTW, I need a small piece of amber glass for a project - like in a porch light about a 6" square. Do you have such a thing?

This is an experiment too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Project

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Maybe that link didn't work so Here's a picture of the project as is.

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I'm pretty sure I have some :) I'll check & let you know.

PS -- I sprayed the outside ,I wasn't sure what would work better -in or out.

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