Pink Ribbon

oldcrafty(8)October 18, 2013

This is what my Ex daughter-in-law made me for my BD. It's a piece of plywood cut out. She used liquid nails to attach the aquarium rocks. This was her first attempt and she did a great job! Only she stacked the rocks too thick and the top layer is flaking off. It is designed as a yard stake, but I'm not wanting to put it out till I can figure out how to secure the rocks better or I'm afraid after the first good rain I'll be very disappointed. She sprayed on a coat of clear sealer, but that is not doing the trick. Any ideas? I am considering using brush on poly and trying to put it on fairly thick. Any thoughts on that or any other suggestions would be appreciated. It's about 18 inches tall. I have visions of other projects with aquarium rocks as this is very neat looking. I personally think I would have used GEII Silicone. Has anyone done this type of craft before? I have googled it but found nothing.

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It's gorgeous!! I'm not sure how to fix the problem I think a craft store might have outdoor mod podge. You could probably put a thick layer of that over it.

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She did great but I wonder if you can pry the rocks off the plywood careful small area at a time & use GEII. I've never used outdoor Mod Podge that sounds easier if it is pretty good at sticking things together.. Jan

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

She did a nice job, sorry, I don't know how you could get this to hold up to the elements better, hope you find something that works
You asked if anyone had done this. I have not, but I remember my dad did some (fairly good size) pictures with colored aquarium rock. 1970-ish) He used them like mosaic or stained glass with black or gold cord forming the boarders between colors. Glued one section/color at a time, using the loose stones like you would glitter. Wish I had a pic to show you, there was a pair of pics, an oriental-ish couple and something else I can't remember...wish I could be more help.

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how about painting on a thick or double coat of Thompsons water seal???

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Or dipping or panting it with out door varnish the whole thing. May need to do it every year but will work.

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garden2garden I have seen a piece done like that a while back and didn't realize it was aquarium rocks. They were applied only one layer deep which is how this should have been done, but her first attempt and she just didn't realize that the top layer didn't really have any contact with the adhesive. I think my best bet would be to rub off the top layer and if in places too much comes off just glue it back on. GeeMee2 I bet Thompson's water seal would be good. Would be perfect for the wood portion anyway. I will be celebrating 6 years in December!!! I have several pink ribbon pieces in my gardens, and I love them all.

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