oil has gas in it

duck68June 11, 2014

Upon checking my oil I have found it to be rather thin & has a gassy odor to it. From what I've read up on it looks like I may have to re-build the carburetor. I was thinking that I should go ahead & change the oil. Now the problem is this, Last year I had to take my mower to get it running. The guy replaced the head gasket, put a fuel cut-off vallve on & serviced the mower. It worked good until this year. Only thing is that while trying to loosen the plug to drain the oil I have noticed what appears to be red loctite on the threads of the plug that are showing. I have yet not had any luck breaking it loose. Looking at loctites website, the only way to break it loose is to apply heat. I'm not really wanting to try this method as I am dealing with gas In my oil. It's a helluva predicament, anyone have any suggestions?

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Let's hope that it isn't so. Is there an oil filter to remove to do the draining? or possibly another oil plug? The way I see it is get an 8 point socket on with a breaker bar, or maybe an impact wrench and hope it comes apart. Unless maybe there is an oil pump cover on the bottom of the sump you could remove, you may end up drilling...

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Afraid this particular mower has no filter. The plug is square shaped. Guess I'll see what tomorrow brings. I wish I could get my hands on the idiot who put red loctite on an oil drain plug!

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Is the plug you're talking about under the mower? Tip the mower and drain it out of the oil fill. If it doesn't have an extended oil fill tube it'll make a mess. This would be the perfect application for a pump vacuum canister.
BTW, the reason the guy put a fuel cut-off on it was he noticed it leaking gas after he worked on it. He probably had to use the Loctite because he stripped the threads on the drain plug, so don't take it out. Don't you love taking your mower to the shop?

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I used a siphon hose to siphon the oil out through the oil fill tube. Worked pretty good until it started to rain. Meanwhile, the grass is getting taller.

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How did the oil get contamiated with gas when the guy put a gas line shut off valve on it? Apparently you didn't use it.

I would use, borrow, an impact wrench to remove plug. Those threads are very hard to strip and since they are pipe threads, you can run them deaper if necessary. You are sure you are trying to remove the correct drain plug, some have more than one.

It would be helpful if you had posted the engine model number.

Walt Conner

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Well got fresh oil finally put in, removed spark plug spun the engine to remove whatever gas/oil was in there. put it all back together and finally cut some grass, Seems to be working fine now. Although, the grass was pretty tall (about knee high) gonna take a few rounds to get it where it needs to be.Thanks to tomplum & saxman1 for the ideas on how to fix it. And to you Mr, Conner fyi, yes I did use the fuel cutoff. Everytime I was finished mowing I would cut it off & let it run until remaining fuel ran out & mower died. It just so happens that while I was cuttig one day I had stopped to "cool off" for a bit. Mower probably set for around 15mins. When I got back on it wouldnt start. I didnt think that it setting for that short period would matter but apparently it did. And if there were another plug to drain the oil I may/may not have used it depending on it's location.

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