My review of the Worx GT 20 V cordless trimmer

jhnbaker41June 26, 2012

I recently became interested in purchasing a cordless trimmer due to problems dealing with a corded electric trimmer and a gas trimmer that was powerful but over time was heavy, noisy and a headache to deal with. I saw the infomercial on the Worx GTand decided to investigate cordless trimmers. I first investigated the Black and Decker Grasshog brand but I was not impressed with it's being bulky to use as an edger and it had a less than durable plastic body. I then checked out the reviews for the Worx GT and the reviews on most surveys were split almost evenly. It

seemed that this was a product that most either loved or hated. I finally

bought the 20V Worx GT and these are the areas that I really liked and

some that I did not. I have also added what I would like to see.

What I liked:

1) I really like the ergonomic features of the Worx GT especially the easy

to adjust handle and the ease of adjustment to a wheeled trimmer. The

Worx GT is light and easy to trim under benches as well obstacles that

you could not adjust other trimmers to trim easily. The construction

seems to be much more durable and tough as compared to the B&D


2). The Worx had plenty of power to cut the toughest of my yard grass,

however I would not recommend that it is appropriate for knee high weeds

and grass, it was very good for our regular yard. The battery life was

adequate at about thirty to forty five minutes which is why I bought a

separate battery. I initially charged my battery for the required 12 hours

and it provided enough power to complete my ward both front and back

which is about 1/2 acre. I think that it should be mentioned that if you buy

a cordless trimmer with a lithium battery that it will never be as powerful

as a gas or electric trimmer just because of the power that the lithium

battery can offer. While this may seem like a no brainer I think that most

people still expect the power of a gas or electric trimmer in a cordless unit

and complain when the battery goes out in thirty minutes but if you want

great power in a quiet unit the lithium battery unit is a great way to go.

3) I also liked the double helix trimmer cord due to it's apparent durability

and less need to change out. Even when trimming against fences and

tough areas the cord was much more durable than I imagined and actually

did produce a noticeable nicer cut of the grass I was trimming.

What I did not like:

1) I did not like the small head on the Worx GT. Also the cord did not

automatically advance as well as advertised but this was not a huge deal

as it was easy to advance with a touch of the button.

2) I did not like the battery recharge time. After using the unit I recharged

the battery and it took several hours as opposed to the short time that it is supposed to take.

What I would like to see:

1). I would like to see a more reliable battery charger design. The battery

charger will not shut off after the battery has recharged lending itself to battery damage and at $60.00 to replace the battery at Lowes it would be

helpful to have a better designed charger. Also the charger itself is very

cheap and fragile.

2). I would like to see a higher quality of battery on the unit. The battery

has to cool off before being recharged after use which points to poor battery design.


I love the Worx in part because having back problems it is easy to use as

well as being rugged and reliable. It is a great trimmer overall despite it's

few shortcomings.

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Isn't it amazing that a person signs up to this forum and their first post is ANOTHER SHILL for WORX?

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my review, at least your getting 30 minutes on a charge, I get 20 minutes of use per 3 hour charge, other then that it works great

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and yes to post here the review makes sense, because I posted on the worx site about the 3hour charge per 20 minutes of use not making sense, and they did not post it at all. 30 minutes per charge is a bit better then running in at out at 20 minutes per charge. Even tho I did make my first 12 hour charge in hoping I could do my walkway and was disappointed to get only 20 minutes of use.

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jhnbaker must be a real helpful person, to go to the trouble to join this forum purely for the purpose of posting a review for all us un-informed, not-too-bright folks who have been holding our breaths to find out what he thinks of a particular string trimmer. Based on his convincing and brilliant revew, I'm going to order one dozen of these trimmers. I can't thank him enough.

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I looked at one...think I'm gonna stick with my Echo....its been goin strong for more than 15 years now :)

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It seems that my innocent first time post about the cordless trimmer that I purchased has elicited some pretty nasty and I must say pretty arrogant remarks about whether I should have posted this topic at all. I am merely a first time buyer of this type of trimmer and was merly trying to talk about what I saw as the good and bad in a product that actually has been endorsed by many members of this forum. My experience in posting in various types of forums is not that new comers be attacked for their opinions if it des not match how others view a certain subject. I also tend to go to many different sites when researching a product to get as many views on something before I decide to purchase. So twelveguage and bill I hope that you will reconsider your remarks especially towards someone you have never met and have no idea as to what their intentions are. If you act this way on an Internet forum I would hate to see how you are when you can't hide behind a keyboard. I bet you both as seen above have winning personalities or maybe not.

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Personally,I prefer a gas engined 'anything'. I'm like
Tim The Toolman, and like loud, powerful tools. The
noise makes the neighbors, and the missus, know that
I am busting my hump, keeping my yard up to snuff.
Your post may be genuine, but I hope you stick around
and report back here after your battery pack won't take
a charge anymore, and you have to replace them.
Then again, maybe you've got lots of bucks. On second
thought, I don't think you got lots of bucks, or you
would have a lawn service. Hang in there jhnbaker41.

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Yes, thanks for the review j41. Keep us updated. I remember a long thread on Worx trimmers or something a while back. Time for fresh perspectives.

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Thanks, I will stay around as I love to see the reviews of people who use garden products as I said before, I was saying what I liked and did not like about the Worx. I have a small yard so a battery powered one is a great option for me. THe Worx though is not the end all trimmer even for me as I too have alot of concerns about the battery as well as other issues. Even with this I will always have to do maintenance work on whatever trimmer I have wheteher it be replacing a battery or the oil and gas on another trimmer, so whatever. I will let you know how long the battery pack lasts and follow up good and bad. Thanks for your kind words.

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tooltime79(Midwest US)

I would go with the Black and Decker. A couple of guys I work with got the Worx GT and I've heard them both on the phone with the company complaining about them. I bought the B&D 20V Lithium. It came with 2 batteries but one does my entire yard with no problem at all and I have a lot of stuff to trim around. One thing I've noticed is I don't get a sore back while using it and I don't have to stop for breaks. I think they have it weighted just right. And the line feed works great. This is my 2nd B&D cordless but this one is much better.

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I purchase the WORX GT2.0 MaxLithiumTM 3-in-1 Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mower over 2 month ago and now the auto feet does not work, I have to stop and manually feed the line out to cut this take me longer to use the Trimmer/Edge. The replace spools do not hold as much of the line as the ones that come with the Trimmer/Edger. I have been trying to talk to someone at Worx today but I have been on hold for over 2 hrs now.

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lonewoof(z7 SC)

There are several folks on here who apparently feel that their manhoods are threatened if anyone has a good word for a Worx trimmer.

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Just bought one but haven't used it yet. Just picking away some time reading reviews and this will be my first and last submittal. Seems that like in local restaurants and bars the regulars seem to feel after a while that they own the place. The attack on "jhnbaker41" was just another example of why I usually only read. A new members opinion is seldom welcomed by the fire stoking, mean spirited type that write that kind of sarcastic post. You jerks serve your purpose however, very much like a gnat hovering around you plate while you're trying to have a good meal, irritating, not very smart and impossible to get rid of. Goodbye to another forum owned and run by the self proclaimed witty, sarcastic writers that defeat the purpose.

This post was edited by harvnmarth on Thu, Oct 24, 13 at 8:55

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harvnmrth : Hang around Bro ! Many goodhearted folk onboard. Just some of the Elders get a little upset when numerous Shills drop by to sell their wares. Bill and twelveguage have a wealth of knowledge within such matters however do at times as do I get a little hot under the collar when unsolicated trolls sneak in . P.S. Also the original post was over a yr ago .

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jhnbaker41: Are you still using your worx GT 20 v cordless edger/trimmer today?

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jhnbaker41, thank you for the Worx GT 2 review. I'm new here and I'm trying to find a decent trimmer/edger. I started several years ago with a Black and Decker and had lots of trouble with the line feed and had to keep stopping to fix the line. I changed to a couple mid-$100 Troy-Bilts and had the same problem. It sounds like the Worx isn't any better with line feeds?? Can anyone recommend either a gas/electric/battery trimmer that doesn't have line feed problems? I'm sick of stopping every five minutes to fix the line or pull it through.

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"Can anyone recommend either a gas/electric/battery trimmer that doesn't have line feed problems?"...I can. Go to Home Depot and get an Echo SRM-225 for $199.00. A great bargain at the price.

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I bought a Black & Decker GH900 electric string trimmer for around $50 and used it for an hour yesterday. I am pleased with it so far. It's an auto feed and worked better than any autofeed I used in the past. This trimmer is much more comfortable to use than my previous trimmer, a Craftsman electric with a double string. I would advise against a double string, too many hassles with it. I've bought B & D in the past, and wasn't always pleased, but the new one is a decent medium to light duty for a reasonable price. It is not as powerful as a gas trimmer, but those are too heavy for me and I don't like storing gas tools. I also am not a fan of cordless, due to battery cost and lack of power.

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