Grass type for me??

dregaeJuly 28, 2014

Hi I live in Jeffersonville Indiana right across the ohio river from Louisville, ky and I am hoping you all can point me towards a good grass for my lawn. My backyard is wretched mix of crabgrass Bermuda grass, violets and miscellaneous weeds. It's awful and I hate it. My front yard used to be the same way but we killed it all and reseeded it with a blend someone reccomended but it looks terrible. It is incredibly fine bladed almost thread like and it can not take any kind if heat. If it does it flops over even with regualar mowing and soon the yard is patched with brown thatch.

We get lots of rain, so I seldom have to water and the temps are pretty mild. We do have a lot of humidity constantly. I would like something for the backyard that will stand up to traffic but be soft for little feet. Some of the stuff back there is so thick and wide bladed I've actually got "paper" cuts from walking through it! The front yard is almost entirely shaded by a huge maple. I hope someone here can help me in the right direction.

Thanks for your time
Grace e

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