battery operated equipment

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)July 12, 2014

Doing away with all grass in backyard maybe a small patch of ornamental So have been using a "grasshog" but dream of doing away with 100 feet of cord. Would imagine the battery runs down quickly and expensive to replace.
Any comments on brands?? Thanks gary

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In my experience battery life is fine but the trimmer just isn't as powerful and effective as a gas or corded model.

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Agreed with the very succinct and accurate Ivycide above. While batteries are certainly no problem, torque supplied is always an issue.

My lawn mower (a battery powered robotic) gets around that by spinning smaller blades very, very fast and does a fine job. A trimmer really doesn't have that option.

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I have a battery powered trimmer. I use it to......well, trim/edge the grass along my fence, flower beds, and driveway. It definitely isn't as powerful as a gas trimmer but for what I need, it gets the job done.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I suspect it would work in my situation. Appear to be about 3/4 times the cost of electric . .Was thinking of the WORX brand seems highly adaptable has lithium battery, two provided in the buy " No brand preferences?? Thanks for the info gary

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I use a Toro Lithium cordless on a full acre + area in one charhe with juice left. It also charhes very quickly. HIGHLY recommend! Have never had anything but headaches with Worx products myself - every one returned.

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