John Deere 14SB Cable Adjustments

dimwittedmoose51June 20, 2011

Can't seem to find anything on the web concerning how to adjust the 3 cables on my 14SB. The cable that kicks in the drive wheels seems okay, or so I think. The other two seem to have a lot of slack in them, but some times too tight is worse than too loose. My issues are:

1. The transmission shifter seems to only have the fastest speed (regardless of the shifter position) all the time ie spinning the drive wheels as I squeeze the drive wheel bar. Unless this is a precursor to the tranny eating it, I'd like to be able to adjust the speed between thew 1-5 like it is supposed to do.

2. The throttle cable is also loose so when I go to start it and shove the handle all the way to choke mode, I'm not sure I'm getting choke. It will eventually start but takes a while to warm up to where the motor won't die when I kick in the blade. At the slower speeds, it pretty much won't handle the load of the blade, but it will shut down by pulling the handle all the way back.

I really like this mower despite it not having the best of care by the folks we bought it from at a yard sale. The cables slide very freely, I just need some guidance on getting the tranny and throttle to work as designed. Thanks so much for your help!!!


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1) You will have to confirm that the cable is actually moving the lever on the transmission. If it does, likely the issue is internal. 2)It is really common on these for the adjustment to slip. Watch the choke shaft or note its position with your finger as you position the cable.

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