Lawn Mowers for Tall People

fpsmotoJune 5, 2014


I am 6ft 9in and it is terribly difficult for me to find a lawn mower that can be adjusted to my height. I am looking for a mower with a height adjustable handlebar that can be adjusted to 46 inches or higher. Anything lower and I lose any leverage I would need to mow quickly and consistently and without putting enormous strain on my back.

I've seen some lawn mower extenders or hacks that I can install on an existing mower, but they're all cheap alternatives to what could be solved by simply having a mower that can be adjusted to the height I want.

Here are my mower requirements:
- 46" or higher handlebar
- Light weight mower under 65lbs
- 20"+ blade
- High rear wheels
- Gas powered

Optional features I would like:
- Automatic push for easier mowing
- Under $250

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If you already have a mower that is self propelled, and I was you, i would rent a pipe bender, remove the handle and put it on the ground, and with the bender, bend the lower section of the handle to make it more upright\higher, but that's just me...

if u have a sears\troybuilt\walmart mower, etc. many come from the same maker so that the handle is many times interchangable.Maybe you can mooch a used handle from a repair shop to experiment.

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