Modifying Rotary Mower

crombold(8)June 10, 2014

I have a very uneven lawn and was planning on sand leveling my lawn. However a thought popped into my head while using my rotary mower. Does anyone have any experience/advice about taking the wheels off of my rotary mower, and adding a front a rear rolling pin, similar to a reel mower? My thought is that this will prevent the deck from dipping unevenly and burning my grass without having to sand level it. My main concern holding me back from doing this is the front pin will push the grass down right before the blade makes it pass.

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Interesting idea. Maybe fashion one for the rear and start there. In my thought processes, you may still want a free turning wheel on the outer ends to aid in maneuverability.

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Good point. Wasn't thinking about how it would affect maneuverability. On the flip side, if I don't change all 4 wheels there's still an opportunity for a wheel to find a low spot and drop the deck. It's definitely a catch-22.

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Maybe you could create a 6 wheel wonder.

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Now that's an idea! Creates more points of contact to prevent the dipping in low spots, but should still maneuver better than two rollers.

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Find an offset-wheel Lawn-Boy. The right front wheel is well back and near the mid-point of the deck. Helps prevent scalping on hillocks. No need to 'reinvent the wheel' - pun intended.
You probably should do the leveling too. In zone 8 I guess you have Bermuda which spreads into the sand quickly.

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