peerless trans on a murray

just.a.murrayJune 11, 2014

hi i was wondering if someone could help me out, i have a murray rider and it has a peerless trans in it, i can go forward and turn to the left just fine, when i go to turn to the right it comes to a very slow crawl to almost stopping, and after a few mins it will pick back up speed again, until i turn to the right and it doesn't matter how long the tractor been running it still does it oh also it very slow when backing up any ideas please any help would be appreciated

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Can you load it on the back of your truck and trade it off? This is not going to turn out well.

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if all you have to offer is smart a** answers i would prefer not to have them at all

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Is this hydrostat (zero turn type tractor with the castors on the front?) or gear drive? The old peerless I had in my Craftsman was gear drive? I would jack it up and make sure the wheel axles are free turning. If gear drive transaxle they are easy to take out and disassemble. I would also check the brakes if they are on the side the wheel dragging? Have no clue if it's hydrostat model?
But, fluid change may help especially if it has filter??? again no clue on hydrostats.

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