Holiday Forum?

oldcrafty(8)October 27, 2010

jeannie you commented to susie that she needs to post her wreath pics on the Holiday forum. I've looked and can't find that forum. Even typed it in the search area with no luck. Any hints on how to find it, sounds like a neat place to check out!

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Up above, where it says, Garden Web ...blogs, arrow on "forums" & then click "home forums" & then it says "holidays" in the middle section there...but here's a link. It's a good one! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: holiday forum

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Or you can do like I do!! I go up this page & click on "Trash & treasures" forum then you will see "crafts & decorations" & click on that & then up there where these were displayed it will say several forums including 1 on painting -like Tolle or Donna Dewberry type, mailboxes, wood pieces, old lightbulbs etc. At almost end of that group of forums is Holidays & click on it & you are there! I go that way as I never have any luck getting to it any other way. If anyone is interested there are lots of forums on Garden Web. go to top of page & you will see see a bar & it's just in about2-3 inches from the left it says "forums" click on that & 3 divisions come up Garden, Home & Nature each of those 3 has lots of forums. Garden has gardening for just roses, Ca. gardening & other regional gardening etc,hillside gardening, landscaping, etc & even a "Hot topics" which has nothing to do with gardening & is peoples opinions on things & they do have opinions......Home forums has Antiques forum, Old houses forum, home decorating, bathroom makeover, Home repairs, & Stained glass & mosaics forum. Nature has bugs & snakes etc. There is also a caregivers, grief & kitchen something, & recipes & Cooking. A few of forums are not very nice & some are "run" by the ones who have been on for a long time. Holidays-this is a site full of pics of fancy tables settings, decorated to the 9's for holidays & love of dishes & art of setting a beautiful table- it's great fun!, Crafts & Decorations & this 1 are the best! Jan

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Jeanne S: when I go to the home forums there is no listing for holidays. I can find it going the way Jan said, but that's rather a roundabout way :) Funny that we see different things on our different computers.

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Oh wait, I found it. It's just much further down the home forums page than I ever go!

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Right above the "Return to Garden Junk" (above) is an horizontal row with the headings: "Garden Web" the right of that is "Blogs"..."Forums"..."Photo Galleries" "Ask the Experts" "Tools & Directories" & "Search" box.

I arrow over "Forums" ...3 show up in a drop down box: "Garden Forums" "Home Forums" "Nature Forums" ... click on "Home Forums".

Center column (down aways) under "Crafts & Hobbies" is "Holidays" on that & you're there. Hope that's a better explanation (that works for ya!) Jeanne S.

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Thanks to all for your helpful advise...........I found the Holiday forum and it is great! Also checked out the Crafts. Gotta spend more time in those too. I knew I'd get an answer if I'd just ask. Thanks again!

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By the way Crafts is 1 site & it doesn't get much action the nice & busy 1 especially in winter is "Crafts & Decorations" that is where crafty ladies show their stuff, kudzu makes lot of items using up stuff she has at home, go back to last fall's posts, she has made roses from coffee filters that look real(lot harder than she makes it seem tho) bracelets, uses men's ties in number of ways, old antique bed springs people,kudzu is very creative, a number of other folks have posted neat stuff. 1 gal in foreign country,forgotten where, does fabulous art & makeovers of furniture(with a little 1 underfoot no less) not much action lately but go check out last years stuff. I did get to Holiday's by going down on the Home forum, it must have been "missing" 1st time I tried going further down page & I had tried Googling it & couldn't get it that way either, sometimes I think the web masters are updating or something & you can't find things. I haven't figured out the logic of where a lot of the forums are placed either. Stained glass & mosaics is under home & it is more craft I think, "craft forum" is under garden forum & somewhere today I think under that 1 is sewing forum, somewhere is a knit & crochet forum too. Of course on those you must be very careful not to give out a copyrighted pattern or they can use web to prosecute you. Lot of time if someone shows me how to do a stitch for something, I don't know where they got it from unless they have a book or leaflet. It mentions that at top of forum but lot of people don't read that every time they change forums. Oh, kudzu's blog is very interesting she lives in south & tells some funny stories tho right now has new grandbaby in the house so isn't crafting so much.(hope she doesn't mind me telling on her) other person I loved going to her blog was msmitoagain she was great fun & had horses, bottle trees, etc, lots of adventures! Anybody know where she went? Jan

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I've been on Holidays a few years now and its really a great Forum, full of sweet caring gals (and Jim). Holidays use to come to pretty much a stand-still during the summer months, but then some of the gals who are 'dish nuts' started showing table settings or vignettes just to keep things going. Well that was huge hit. Turns out a lot of 'em like to play with dishes. And we set tables just to show one another. Many are downright silly and keep us highly entertained. When there are no regular Holidays, we find obscure ones. Like Billy the Kid Day, Teddy Bear Picnic Day, etc. Every day is a holiday with us it seems.
I'm not good at the table setting thing, but still love it.
Plus, like here, we share pictures of all our thrift shop and yard sale finds.
Quite a few of the Garden Junkers visit Holidays now which has made me happy. I've been on here longer, and have loved this Forum and the people here.
I haven't participated much this year as I've not done any yard stuff or 'junking' for it. So I've just pretty much lurked, and checked out Conversations often to see how everyone really IS doing. I've enjoyed all the new folks who found GJ this year, and especially seeing photos of their creations.

Besides our GJ Inspiration Albums I set up, I did them for Holidays too. There are around a 1000 photos in the various albums! So if you like any kind of holiday decor, you will enjoy all the eye-candy and maybe get some good ideas. I'm so photo-obsessed its ridiculous. LOL.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Holidays Inspiration Albums

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