New lawn in North Central Ohio

DolkeJuly 6, 2014

Hi all. Just finished building a new home in West Elyria and our yard should be graded sometime this week. I've been reading through many forums and posts trying to determine the best grass seed to plant, and when to plant it, but I can't seem to figure out what would be best for my specific situation.

The house faces due west with no trees yet. I've noticed that despite the amount of rain we've had this year, the ground tends to dry up very quickly. The sun seems to hit all parts of the yard throughout the day.

I want grass that is soft and dark green and doesn't require a ton of maintenance. I have animals and will have children at some point. So far Kentucky Bluegrass sticks out as a favorite from what I've seen, but I'm a novice at this.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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KB is a good choice for Northern Ohio. If you want a lawn with consistent color, texture and growth rate, look into planting a monstand or at least not a "northern mix."

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Monostand= all one cultivar. For instance, there are probably 50 different cultivars of KB (e,g, Midnight, Midnight II, Award, Nuglade, Blueberry, etc.) Not too long ago, it was always recommended that people use two or more cultivars (a blend) or add a different type of grass (a mix) to keep a disease or insect from killing the whole yard. Suppliers would try to match color, growth rate and blade width so the lawn didn't look too much of a hodge-podge, but you could always tell. Today, most of the individual cultivars have been bred to be resistant to a variety of diseases and it is not necessary to use blends or mixes. Now you can grow a monostand (single cultivar like Blueberry KB), that results in a much more consistent growing and visually attractive lawn.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

The time to do this in your area is late August when the summer heat starts to wane in the evenings. That gives you time to correct any mistakes you might have made this season before winter. KBG is a good choice because it will refill when it gets injured by the kids or pets. Keep in mind it will go dormant (brown) in the winter.

Do you want to have the nicest lawn on the block or just something to hold the dirt down?

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