Lawn Cautions

krnuttleJuly 21, 2014

While we are all concerned about how our yard look and are worried about what type of grass you have, and etc. there is something equally important that needs to be observed.

On Thursday I put the brush cutting blade on my trimmer and cleaned up the the road on the vacant lot next to me that my neighbor and I are maintaining.

I then put on the string head and did the trimming around the house and some rocks in our yard. When that was finished I got the mower out and cut the grass in our 3/4 acre lot. I had taken several breaks during this process. To finish up, I mixed up some poison Ivy killer and sprayed the wooded area on three sides of the lot,

As I sprayed the last section, I felt tired and walked around to the back porch, and sat down to rest on the steps. The next thing I remember is my wife frantically talking to the 911 operator giving her directions to our house. With in minutes I was surrounded by paramedics with all types of fancy devices. After a ride to the hospital, and about 7 hours in the emergency room, they finally let me go home.

I had passed out and had what my wife said were seizures. I had had become dehydrated and suffered a heat stroke (Not the fancy name the doctor called it).

The next morning my back was sore from laying on the steps, but I was OK,

WARNING on these hot days (It was in the high 80's) make sure you take plenty of breaks and drink lots of liquids, you may not be so lucky.

PS. The paramedics said my yard looked nice.

And I learned that while we seem 10 miles from no where, I live within 5 minutes of three fire stations with paramedic groups.

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OMG! I'm glad you're OK!

Yes, proper hydration is absolutely critical when outside. As is protection from sunlight. I wear the ugliest fedora when outside, but it does a good job at UV protection and at keeping my head cooler.

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