Weed take over...what now

pmf17July 27, 2014

I seeded my front yard this April after I had some trenching and lawn repair done. Now I have weeds everywhere. I watered this full sun area daily when it was sprouting... Now I have this

Should I spray down with 2-4d? Once the weeds are dead, is it just raking out the weeds, roughing out the loam and seeding again mid-August?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Before you do anything,...Mid August? It depends on where you live and what kind of grass this is. I don't see any weeds in there that would be affected by 2,4-d. What weeds do you have?

The primary reason you have weeds everywhere is you seeded in the spring. The secondary reason, and the most common reason, is improper watering. What is your watering schedule now that the grass has come in? How often and for how long?

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I have mostly crabgrass and covers.
I figured out that I need to buy something specifically formulated for crabgrass.

From reading on this forum, I understand that I should get something like:
1. Sulfentrazone plus Prodi amine (Bonide 069 Concentrate Sedge Ender) to kill the crabgrass.
2. Should I rake the dead crab grass
3. rent a verticutter-
4. plant a seed mix suitable for my area. This area gets ton of sun.
5 Starter fertilizer...

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