What snapper model is it ????

jeep461(5)June 21, 2010

Bought a old snapper rider for 125.00 got it running and fixed all tires. Had a clutch cable break that was spliced. Now I need a clutch cable but they need the series on ebay. Where would I find this ? It is an older 8 hp RER.

Kind of nostalgia here I rode one when I was a kid 40 years ago. I love those mowers. i feel puny on it compared to my big rider but it will cut between bushes that I used to have to weed eat.


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why not use auto mower?
it will auto cut grass, haha.

Here is a link that might be useful: auto mower

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It would burn up and die in the S. Texas heat or my dogs would decide it was a toy. LOL

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Jeep461: Contact Snapper directly for information about the model number. They may be able to supply the part directly as well.

Lawn Mower forum has become infected with a shill peddling poor quality equipment. Even if it worked, an auto mower strikes me as a solution looking for a problem to solve.

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After a good cleaning and inspection found the hidden factory tag plate. It is on the battery box under the seat.

Being old school I do appreciate metal, ball bearings and grease fittings. It is just the climate I live in.

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