Troybuilt edger / tiller dies engagines tines

norman2012July 4, 2013

A neighbor loaned me her troybuilt tiller today. It hadnt been run in a year, I emptied the gas and put fresh in, and it was very low on oil. I put oil in it too. The oil filter wasnt dirty.

It would start but when I held the handlebar back to engage the tines it would die. I had the choke open, and I did it midway, and I did it closed.

When I looked in the oil reservoir their was a light foam on top of the oil.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?

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Since old gas was left in for a year, there is probably some varnish on the jets, specifically the main jet. Usually the motor won't run well at all, not just when you engage the tines. At least, remove the carb's bowl and look for gunk in the bottom of it.

Some engines on tillers are not always checked in the level position. The older Troys had a certain procedure for this. See if you can find out the total ounces of oil required and just put that amount in.

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If this is a belt drive model, take a moment and see if you can roll the driven pulley. Possibly the belt is rusted to it.

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Thanks will do I forgot to add when I checked the air filter there was a significant amount of oil in the bottom corner (I think right side)

Enough it ran out when I squeezed he filter other than that the filter was clean

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tom it starts fine it wouldnt if it were rusted would it?

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The engine and transmission are separated by a belt(s). Look at the pulley that is on the other side of the belt from the engine pulley. Can you turn the other pulley with your hand?

Better yet. With the engine off and the spark plug wire removed, engage the tranny as if you were going to run it. Can you turn the engine pulley and trans pulley at the same time?

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