Wheatgrass lawn - possible?

questthewordsmithJuly 28, 2014

I had the idea of having a wheatgrass lawn so I googled it and found 2 threads in this forum:

Am I understanding correctly that by wheatgrass we're talking about the stuff health folks like to juice? If so, I'm interested. The thought of having a whole lawn of the stuff and being able to just go out and clip some to juice is incredible.

I'm in zone 6 living in NYC. My backyard has plenty of space to put a nice lawn, even the front. The wheatgrass we've purchased from the store to grow our own (in a rectangul planter, I don't remember the type of seed) seemed to be like regular grass, so I wouldn't be some odd-ball in the neighborhood if I made my lawn full of the stuff.

Is this possible? Have a whole lawn of healthy juiceable wheatgrass and it growing back each year with proper care? Please say yes... thanks for any insight!

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Err, wheatgrass is the the leaves of the wheat plant, which is an annual.

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Further, it is only the cotyledon or seed leaves of the wheat plant and loses its nutritional value as a juice component once it passes that stage. But you could always harvest the wheat itself and make your own bread :-))

So the short answer is no, wheatgrass will not work for a lawn.

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