Keeping sod alive

larrywigJuly 19, 2014

I went to the nursery the other day and they had several pallets of sod that had mostly turned yellow but had not yet begun to mold. They said if it didn't find a home soon that it would end up in a ditch somewhere. Since my back yard had a large bare spot from the dogs, I decided to give it a try. I hauled in 3 loads of dirt, spread it and placed the sod. Is there any hope for this sod? I am keeping it plenty wet to try and revive it. Is there anything else I should be doing to try and give this sod a good home? Thanks for your assistance.

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First question. What type of turf is it? There are several grown in Missouri

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+1 above. Cool season grasses will stress right now--so keep them moist until the end of summer. Warm season grasses won't care so much, but aren't great choices in a lot of Missouri.

Make sure the edges are very well-sealed to the soil. They'll tend to roll a bit as they damp and dry, exposing the edges to dry air and damaging or killing the grass there.

Yellowing is frequently lack of sunlight (like putting a tent or whatnot on the grass for days). The chlorophyll breaks down and there's no incoming solar energy to make new chlorophyll.

A little time and some sun will correct that, although supplying iron will speed the process and assure that the grass can re-green. A light application of Milorganite will make sure it has iron, plus nitrogen for chlorophyll production, plus a very light and mild feeding to give it the resources to grow some roots once temperatures become more appropriate (Milo hangs around).

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The sod is fescue. Thanks much for the thoughts and ideas. It sounds like there is hope anyway with a little tender care and feeding.

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