recommended milorganite spreader settings wrong

njitgradJuly 2, 2014

From previous experience on Memorial Day weekend of this year I purchased eight 36 lb bags of Milorganite yesterday instead of four. Each bag is supposed to cover 2500 sq ft so I basically had enough for 20000 sq ft even though my lawn is only 10000 sq ft (5000 in the front, 5000 in the back).

I used the bag's recommended dropper setting of 11.5 with my Scott's EdgeGuard Pro. I make one header strip around the perimeter of JUST MY BACK YARD. Boom, one bag gone just like that. I said this can't be I lowered the setting to 9 and continued working the spreader in my backyard for another two bags when I realized at that rate I wouldn't have enough for the front yard. So I eventually went down to a 6.5 setting to finish the back and the entire front. After all was said and done I ended up using 7 bags in a very inconsistent manner

When spreading the fertilizer I made passes within two feet of each other and there was no chance in hell that I was going to buy another 7 bags to spread it in the criss-cross pattern they recommend for even coverage.

Back in May I thought that my older SpeedyGreen was out of whack so I decided to upgrade to the Edgeguard Pro. It would appear that this wasn't the issue.

Neither Scott's nor Milorganite are able to assist me on this when I contacted them.

Any help from someone that uses this in a Scott's spreader would be appreciated.

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put your spreader on 5.75 and do the crisscross patterns

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is this from your experience?

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yes, this is exactly what I do and you'll be fine. but i like to be between 4-5' apart from each other

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I think the Milorganite folks might be drunken sailors. Their site suggest that the opening on the spreader be at 3/4 of full open and gives settings for most common that are equivalent. Their site says no more than 15% fast release, but they show a picture of the Classic label that shows 40%. If you google Milorganite labels, you will see anything from 5% total N w/.05% WSN, to 5% total w/2% WSN, to 6% total with 2.5%N.
It's Forest and his box of candy.

I use Milorganite Classic which I believe is a smaller prill and I set my edgeguard at 6 and make one pass, so I can't help you.

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I spoke with a knowledgeable person at Milorganite yesterday afternoon and she told me that they do extensive testing of spreaders every two years or so. She could not explain why 11.5 is not considered the correct value for Speedy Green models and Edgeguard models.

I'm not trying to be very scientific here, I'm just looking to save on cost. If 4 bags should cover 10000 sq ft then four bags is all that I should need. I shouldn't have to figure out the correct setting, it should more or less be correctly labeled.

For Labor Day weekend I'll use the 5.75 setting 4-5 feet apart crisscross and see how that goes.

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Good luck, once you find the setting that works, you should be fine as the prill size is pretty consistent.

BTW, just saw another label that shows 5%N with 1.5% WSN. LOL.

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Settings do vary spreader by spreader even within the same model. Mom and I use the identical spreader, but if I use a setting of 6 she needs to go to 8. There's nothing wrong with either of our spreaders.

Mine throws shorter to the right than hers does, though, so I tend to step oddly across the lawn. One short row is followed by a long one in the other direction to get even coverage.

I like criss-crossing but rarely do it. I don't get stripes so I'm still doing something right. :-)

>>I think the Milorganite folks might be drunken sailors.

It's a more natural product and does depend on the input. Those numbers on the bag are minimums, not maximums, unless they refer to quickly available nitrogen--then it's the maximum, not the minimum. That's the law.

Or, why I prefer my soybean meal from the grain mill in plain brown packages. I can't imagine what fertilizer labeling laws would make of that stuff--probably 0-0-0.

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