Lawnmower starts then dies

Luckylady000July 22, 2014

Hi, I have an old Briggs and Stratton engine push mower. It had not been serviced in yrs so I bought a new diaphragm, spark plug, and filter.

I took apart the carburetor and cleaned it then replaced all the parts I mentioned.

I drained the old oil and gas.

Now I try to start it with some starter fuel and it starts and dies after a few seconds.

I obviously don't know very much about mowers nor engines but I did learn enough to know that your not to turn the mower on the side where the oil can drain into the engine however, my nieghbor while trying to help me, flipped the mower while I wasn't looking and got the engine loaded with oil.

I removed as much oil as I could , however, there still was a lot deep inside the engine that was unreachable. I don't know if this has any baring on my problem with it starting or not.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Your air filter may be "oiled up" if tilted with the carb down.
Replace if it is.
Remove the spark plug (ground the lead) and crank the engine a few times to "blow" the excess oil out of the cylinder.
Clean or replace the spark plug.

IF you still have problems, remove the diaphragm from the carb and using the tube from your can of carb cleaner, blast through the 2 holes under the diaphragm.
One will go to the fuel pick up tube (you'll hear "bubbling" in the tank) and the other to the carb venturi, where you can visually see it go into the carb throat.

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