I just got my 1st Self Propelled, A Lawn-Boy 10605 new for 135$

ElwayishJuly 16, 2012

So I've never wanted a SP mower because I figured with my luck it would be the first thing to break. So I've just always bought push mowers for small jobs.

But Friday I'm at Home depot and they had a bunch of reconditioned out in front that I looked at and everyone I looked at had not had their decks cleaned even. I was shocked how bad the undersides was actually. You figure they would pressure wash that.

But anyway on the end there was a Lawn Boy that looked new , so I get checking and it is and marked for 135$ and I'm all like WTF. Ends up someone who worked there was moving recons out to their space and grabbed one that was in their "garage area" that had been put together for someone and put it out for the price or what it would be reconned.

And they went ahead and gave it to me for that price.

I figure for that price I can try a SP.

BUT MY QUESTION is anything I should know about said mower and SPs in general ? And is this a bad mower ?

And you all have a great forum btw filled with tons of good info. Always my first place I turn to hunt info on mowers.

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It is a fine enough mower. Buy and use fuel treatment that helps deal w/ ethanol problems, keep water out of it, tip the mower w/ the air filter up when cleaning below the deck, do your break in oil change and read the manual. There, that should help keep this a good investment! Enjoy.

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Thx for the info Tom.

I'll totally get some fuel treatment and make sure I do the break in oil change like the book states after first 5 hours.

Thx again.

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Question ... Will it hurt the mower in anyway if I just don't engage the self propel and push it while using it.
Sometimes I like the exercise.

And also I hear like a clicking sound when I push it with it turned off ... Anything to be worried about and just it new and I've never had a self propelled and not used to how they sound ?

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The Lawn-Boy has Toro 'Variable-Speed' drive that is my personal favorite. You can feather the drive bail for full drive power down to just a small assist, or you can drop the bail and its instantly a push-pull mower with no pullback drag. The clicking is the ratchet at each end of the axle that allows you to free-wheel. Every fall you should remove the rear wheels and clean/lube the ratchet/drive gear and drive wheel on each side. The drive belts usually last for many years. This is a very good 20" mower with blade clutch and Kohler OHV engine. For $135, it becomes a fantastic mower!
Make sure there is the right amount of oil in the engine before starting it for the first time, and get used to checking the oil before each use.
With a rear wheel drive mower, as you approach a stop or turnaround, you let go of the drive bail. To turn around, you then just push down on the handle and pivot on the rear wheels as usual (the ratchets allow a zero-radius turn), picking up the drive bail as you push off in the new direction.

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Great post saxman1 ... Thanks tons.

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