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mdevinfJuly 27, 2014

First and foremost, I LOVE this site. I moved into a new house (new construction) in December of last year. The sod was laid shortly before completion of construction so between the bermuda going down at a bad time and the crazy atypical winter we had, the yard was doing horrible come this spring/summer. I hired a lawn service as they said they would be "aggressive" about getting the yard up to par. I wish I had found this site first though. After maybe 2 "treatments" (if you can call them that), the yard had not improved. I began reading any and all posts that related to my grass and what to do. Between TW and Dchall and many others, I have turned my grass from literally the worst on my street, to at least on PAR with the others. So thank you for that.

Now I do still have some trouble spots around the driveway as well as in the back yard which is directly located in line with the downspouts. I am going to be reworking the drainage as well as I self aerated and have treated with a round of baby shampoo and gymspom and drainage as improved dramatically. I will be leveling soon (before we are out of season) to fill in the ruts as well as improve drainage as a whole.

Now on to my specific question. I have learned to water the RIGHT way thanks to this site. It has made a world of difference. So in staying in line with the watering, I try to time all of my fertilizing, which I am calling semi synthetic now as I am mixing synthetic fertilizing and organic fertilizing programs to stagger nitrogen release as well as amend the soil to the best of my abilities. So staying in that line, I am due to fertilize as well as apply my shampoo/molasses blend come tomorrow. Will either interfere with one another or is it no issue?

Here is what I am planning on doing :

5lb nitrogren (yard is roughly 5k) (with 10% sulfer)
4lbs bonemeal (soil test indicated low levels of phos, but fine k levels)
lime (in areas as due to some drainage issues, moss and black algae have formed and I am remedying that now)

I was going to apply that as early in the morning as possible after the dew has dried. I would thin run irrigation for 30 minutes. I would follow that directly by applying the shampoo/molasses spray and then follow that with another 1hr of irrigation (for a full 1in after shampoo

I will monitor water so if run off occurs, run 2 30 minute cycles instead (although water penetration is much better now, so run off should not be an issue)

Does this sound about right? Any changes that should be made? Any concerns for this?

Thanks for any help

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>>So staying in that line, I am due to fertilize as well as apply my shampoo/molasses blend come tomorrow. Will either interfere with one another or is it no issue?

It's not an issue. If you want to drop the fertilizer, mix all the stuff together and water it in with that, it would be just fine.

Washing in the mix of molasses and shampoo is a good idea as it works in the soil, but you don't need to go overboard. Enough to get it into the ground is enough.

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