Disease or grubs or what??? HELP

holdawayJuly 18, 2014


We had sod laid in the fall of 2012, so this is our second summer with the lawn. Last summer it looked great. This spring after the snow melted and started to warm up it just didn't look great when compared to anyone else in the neighbourhood. It has since just gotten worse. We do have lots of snow and cold here (Ottawa Canada), but there has been lots of rain this year so it isn't a watering issue. I am not sure what it is or what we are doing wrong or what we can do to fix it. So frustrating after spending all that money on having the sod laid to now wind up worse than we were before they took it up and replaced it when we moved in. Any help would be appreciated.

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Kentucky blue can be quite susceptible to disease during the summer months, especially during periods of rain. My first inclination is that the turf has been hit by Pythium. I'd suggest Googling info on the disease so that you're familiar with the symptoms and conditions that favor it's activity. You'll also find recommendations for fungicides if the problem persists or worsens. I'd also suggest confirming that grubs aren't the issue. As they feed on the roots, give the turf a good pull in the damaged areas. If it readily lifts from the soil, it's likely grubs and you may even spot them ( typically found in the top inch of the soil ). If you end up with just a handful of dead clippings, you'll know disease is your problem. I'd suggest taking a look at some of the university turf websites. A wealth of professional knowledge from Michigan St and Purdue for your climate. Your Guelph Institute for Turf is also first class for research but the website's not necessarily geared to assist the novice. Good luck! Read up! PG78

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