Lawn mistake

ElisaEdProJuly 21, 2013

My boyfriend and I wanted to level out an existing lawn and so we put quite a lot of soil down , compacted it down just with our feet and seeded it. The lawn came up quite well but it is so soft and spongy you just sink in it when you step foot onto it.

How do we rectify this, I am guessing we should have rented a roller or put down another level first before all of that soil..darn it so mad with!


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

How deep is the new soil?

Did it change your drainage?

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You can still roll, but I doubt you will get the results you desire if the depth of the added soil was over 1 1/2 - 2".. The topsoil will eventially settle over time anyway, although low spots are likely to re-appear. It's the reason I use sand rather than topsoil for low spots as sand will settle almost immediately. When I have used topsoil, I roll it, water and let it settle. Then a couple of weeks later I repeat the process and let it settle again before seeding.
In your current situation, I would wait for the soil to settle over the rest of the summer, then slowly rake sand into the turf to cure any low spots that appear.

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Oh boy, its around 1 ft deep in the larger front section and the grass is getting long now. Really need to cut it but not sure how when you just sink in it. Maybe we are going to have to roll it sooner rather than later.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)


Can you post pictures? It might help to come up with a solution.

How big an area are you talking about with a foot deep of fluffy new soil? And did it change your drainage? I can't imagine a situation where you need a foot of soil.

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